Their teeth have fallen. Was it the result of another Covid-19?

Kemili became more enthusiastic about dental treatment, but had a history of dental problems before becoming infected with the coronavirus. When she went to the dentist the day after her teeth came out, he found that her gums were not infected, but she had significant bone loss from smoking. He introduced Mr. Chemiri to an expert to handle the reconstruction. Dental treatment can cost her a shy $ 50,000.

On the same day that Chemiri’s teeth fell out, her partner went to Survivor Corp, a Facebook page for people who have lived on Covid-19. So he reports that Page founder Diana Belent lost one of his adult teeth months after his 12-year-old son developed a mild case of Covid-19. I found. (Unlike Chemiri, Belent’s son had normal, healthy teeth with no underlying illness, according to the orthodontist.)

Other members of the Facebook group have posted about teeth that come out without bleeding. A woman lost her teeth while eating ice cream. Irene Luciano, Edison, NJ, had molars popping out in early November when she was doing dental floss.

“That was the last time I thought I would lose my teeth,” Luciano said.

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Dr. Lee provides clues that it is unusual for a tooth to fall out in the absence of blood and that something may be happening to the blood vessels in the gums.

The new coronavirus causes havoc by binding to the ACE2 protein, which is ubiquitous in the human body. It is found not only in the lungs, but also in nerves and endothelial cells. Therefore, Dr. Lee states that the virus may have damaged the blood vessels that keep the teeth of Covid-19 survivors alive. It may also explain why people who have lost their teeth do not feel pain.

A wide range of immune responses known as cytokine storms can also appear in the mouth.

Their teeth have fallen. Was it the result of another Covid-19?

Source link Their teeth have fallen. Was it the result of another Covid-19?

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