The youth movement energized the jets before the Chargers collided

Jets went west on Friday evening and boarded a charter flight to Los Angeles. What we can’t help but assume is the 10th defeat in the 10 games of the season playing the Chargers on Sunday.

But if I heard about Jets defense coordinator Greg Williams on Friday, they headed west for an enthusiastic group because young people were being injected into their lineup.

In the last match, more than 10 rookies played in the Jets vs. Patriots. The youth’s move continues against the Chargers, especially in the secondary, with the fifth round Draft Topic Bryce Hall launching the first NFL in the cornerback and the third round Ashtin Davis safely.

This is in addition to already contributing rookies such as Mekey Bekton on the left tackle, Denzel Maimusu on the receiver, and Lamical Perine on the running back.

Whether you like it or not, young people play these last seven games for Jets. Jets need to see if kids are okay when management heads for a critical off-season when they need a better building (reconstruction?) Than general manager Joe Douglas is the last off Delivered in season.

“These guys have energy about them,” Williams said on Friday. “Since staying here for two years, there has probably been one of the best practices. [Friday]”

Ashtin Davis; Mekey Becton
Ashtin Davis; Mekey BectonGetty Images (2)

Enthusiastic children can also be costly, as both Davis and Hall play a key role in the key play of the Patriots 30-27 comeback win two weeks ago. Both Hall and Davis were guilty of a 20-yard Cam Newton pass to Jacobi Myers, with three seconds remaining leading to Nick Falk’s 51-yard game-winning field goal.

Myers went between Hall and Davis, Hall overtook Myers, and Davis fell too deep. The completion, which moved New England to Jets’ 33-yard line, led to nine consecutive losses, but it wasn’t the only play.

Children give and they rob.

“They are both good young guys, they are smart guys, and the biggest thing right now is work time,” Williams said of Hall and Davis. “We had a strange year with regards to lack of OTA practices, minimal practice situations in training camps, etc. So trying to get as many pleasant people as possible is a kind of evolution. It was a process that was done. This year will grow all year round. “

Two against the formidable Chargers who accept a corps including Keenan Allen (65 receptions, 690 yards, 5 touchdowns), Mike Williams (25-431, 3) and Jaylen Guyton (14-294, 3) Will have a tough person on Sunday.

The floor belongs to them. The first start of the hall is the result of this week’s Jets cutting veteran cornerback Pierre Desir. This is one of Douglas’s most likely free agents this offseason and is probably the most indelible stain on his resume to date.

When asked about the sudden Desir cut, head coaches Adam Gase and Williams offered a lip service that wanted Desir to have another opportunity elsewhere while watching the rookie. But in reality, Desire was a very inconsistent performer, and his efforts were questioned.

One of the things they know they’re getting out of the rookie is effort, like Hall hungry to see draft stocks plummet due to serious injuries in the last season of college. ..

On October 11, last year, Hall dislocated his left ankle, broke his fibula, and damaged his ligaments while blocking his punt against Miami, Virginia. It ended his college career and dropped his draft position. A hole that was once considered as high as a pick in the second round fell into the fifth round.

His NFL debut in the New England match wasn’t perfect, but it was a big step.

“The biggest challenge was to mentally convince myself that I was fine and didn’t have to worry when I returned.’Am I going to hurt this again?”’ Hall “Physically I’m ready. Healed. Now it’s just confidence. I’m confident in the world that I can be a really good player. That’s what I’m cheeky. It’s not that, it’s just that I believe in myself. “

Davis is a classic, often overlooked athlete who hasn’t been hired and hasn’t stepped into the Calfootball team after stepping into the track team and becoming a record-breaking star.

Jets also have nothing to play with in the standings, so they can also find out what’s in kids like Hall and Davis.

“As coaches, we have to take them to the field as soon as possible and call them as soon as possible. Now you have to play,” Williams said. “A group of these young men here [are] And they have ownership of their communication and execution and their energy. “

Well, if enthusiasm and energy can lead to vivid execution, maybe jets have something for themselves.

In the case of 2021.

The youth movement energized the jets before the Chargers collided

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