The Yankees will need more such mentally tough victories

From hell to everything else wrong with the Yankees in over 15 games, from their selfish hacks to their unpleasant temperament, they came across as mentally soft. Fragile. I’m short of stomach because of the fight.

They seemed to be all that their dynasty ancestors didn’t, at least until Tuesday night when the Yankees made the Braves what the Yankees always did in the 90’s. They squeezed them in a tight and tense game, strengthened their turn at bat as the game progressed, unleashed the extinguished bullpen, and waited for the Braves to make a fatal mistake.

The wild pitch, with Nate Jones tying the score and the eighth loaded base, wasn’t the slider Mark Wohlers was hanging on Jim Raylitz in Game 4 of the 1996 World Series. I felt close enough. It’s quite possible that the modern New York baseball team has never needed a win on April 20 as much as the home team needed this in the Bronx.

The result of this 3-1 ended the losing streak of 5 games. It wasn’t as defined by a dramatic upgrade in physical play as it was due to the grit and spirit needed to win at the highest level. Aaron Hicks on the bench did not collapse under the weight of the demotion. He helped his team win instead. He reappeared eighth to make a four-pitch lead-off walk against Tyler Mazek, and after moving third in a single from DJ LeMahieu and Aaron Judge, Jones’ 87 mph slider on the dirt. I scored with.

Aroldis Chapman and Gary Sanchez celebrate after the Yankees defeat the Braves 3-1.
Aroldis Chapman and Gary Sanchez celebrate after the Yankees defeat the Braves 3-1.
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Aaron Boone later talked about the satisfaction he felt from struggling to win by doing the little things needed to survive a strong start from a prominent pitcher like Charlie Morton.

“There were many good things that happened, even though we didn’t break it,” said the manager.

The good things he swore did not surprise him. Boone claimed that the team’s determination remained unwavering during what his boss Brian Cashman called “15 games to forget.”

His player, Boone, “knows they’re going to be beasts. They’ll be a problem, and we’re going to get there.” Filed to say much easier than to say. I will.

The situation was so bad for Boone that the referee might have shouted at the manager’s face as someone should have taken his old friend Brennan Miller to the pre-game ceremony. Please tighten this. “

In fact, the only Yankee who had the right to feel like stepping into a building on Tuesday night was David Cone, who was working on the game as a YES network analyst. He helped conclude the Braves as a Toronto Game 6 Starter in the 1992 World Series. He helped reduce the Braves as a Yankees Game 3 Starter in the 1996 World Series. And he helped wipe out the Braves as a Game 2 starter for the Yanks in the 1999 World Series.

In total, Korn allowed only five earned runs in four starts, and the World Series 23¹ / ₃ innings played against Atlanta, and his team won all four games. However, there is one thing that is more expensive than anything else in the Passion Play of the Corn Braves. It was his decision to challenge his fellow Yankees after losing the first two games of the 1996 World Series at home with a total score of 16-1. “We’re embarrassed here, and they’re putting it right on our face,” he barked at them. “This needs to be changed.”

Korn changed that by winning Game 3 with six escapes that would embarrass young David Blaine. The Yankees will win five titles after Corn starts in Atlanta, or five more titles than the Braves will win that night. He ran a clinic on how to grab a team at stake and embraced the immense pressure associated with it.

“I didn’t care about that,” Korn said. “I wanted to be that man.”

A quarter of a century later, because the settings and stakes are so different, Korn nominates many prominent Yanks he believes can be the man, including Gerrit Cole, Giancarlo Stanton, Brett Gardner, and Aaron Judge. did.

“I think they’re covered, I really do,” he said. “They have well-known and experienced people with strong opinions and strong commitments. That’s the last thing I worry about at the clubhouse.”

Then the 2021 Yankees went out and defeated the Braves as the Yankees of Corn defeated them. After the match, when the current team was finally told that his team had always shown the mental toughness he had shown to Atlanta, Korn sent a text message: Victory and run. “

Please do not look back. I never do anything that is mentally tough.

The Yankees will need more such mentally tough victories

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