The Yankees speak while bending their muscles with the Red Sox

The Yankees were salty. They had a terrible week, losing two games in the abandoned Boston, losing two of the three games to the divine Reds and losing to the Red Sox on Friday. It added up to 5 losses in 6 games. It is unacceptable in the summer of 2022. It is unacceptable.

Someone had to pay.

Red Sox paid. The Red Sox was sniffed 14-1 on Saturday, Then I packed 13-2 on Sunday.. At Yankee Stadium Basepass, there was more traffic than Deagan before all three sold-out games.Socks were overwhelmed and overmatched, and they saw in horror Chris Sale got off the mound with a bent left pinky As a total of inning runs, the yank continued to ring.

The Yankees got sick about the sale — “it’s just terrible, it really is,” Gerrit Cole solemnly said — but sometimes there is collateral damage when there is public phlebotomy. The sale was collateral damage. So was the voice of concern that the Yankees may not be the same as the 64-28 record.

(Editor’s Note: That’s right.)

“It looks like we can improve the game, when we need it,” Cole said.

And that means all of them, 1-26. It’s hard to know who’s home run was more immeasurable, One Tim Locastro — a new recollection after a 37-game stay at Scranton / Wilkes-Barre — Or Joey Gallo, a new recollection after a three and a half month tour of the baseball wilderness.

The Yankees celebrate when they win the Red Sox.
The Yankees celebrate when they win the Red Sox.
Michelle Persian / New York Post

Matt Carpenter, who scored three more RBIs on Sunday, hit .354 at 1.380 OPS after putting one foot out of his career door. May.

When dissecting the Yankees, I don’t know where to start. Rotation is 34-12 this season with 4 hits, 7 innings and 12 strikeout jewels on the call. Or a great bullpen. Or the slugging percentage that brought 157 home runs (mostly baseball), or the insight of elite baseball that brought 63 steals (exactly the same number as all last year).

“It’s a credit to our team,” said Yankees manager Aaron Boone. “Whenever we could find an opening, we could take advantage of it.”

Rankings provide all the best news on the All-Star Break, but for two very different reasons. They have played 13 games in the east and have the authority to say that the lead in July is not invincible, but after losing to Boston on Friday, Yank was 62-28. 78 Red Sox), the fact that all four teams underneath are in close agreement means that they will continue to knock off each other in August and September. Therefore, there is little reason to worry about the cushion shrinking significantly.

Matt Carpenter rips 2 run doubles every 4 times.
Matt Carpenter rips 2 runs of doubles every 4 times.
Michelle Persian / New York Post

But there is also this. The Yankees can’t afford to move to cruise control, as they’re still 4½ games better than the Astros to reach the best record in the American League. It certainly requires them to be sharply focused, even after the splits have been safely hidden. If the team has one Holy Grail before October, games 6 and 7 of the ALCS match against Houston are guaranteed to take place at Yankee Stadium instead of Minute Maid Park.

And as if to emphasize the point, the Yankees will play a doubleheader in Houston, opening half a day earlier than most sports.

It’s a day when the Yankees are ready, but the Yankees have so far proved that if there’s one way to ensure they report working in the best fights, it’s a suggestion. I am. Have an important game at hand.

On Sunday, when the Yankees defeat the Red Sox, Gerticor will pitch.
On Sunday, when the Yankees defeat the Red Sox, Gerticor will pitch.
Michelle Persian / New York Post

“We seem to be able to compete with anyone in any kind of game,” Cole said. “It feels good. There is a chance for any challenge the game poses to you.”

Carpenter said: “There are many tough guys on this team.”

Above and below the lineup. Move the list up and down. 1 to 26. The Yankees are 64-28 years old and you won’t hear anyone wondering again if they’re as good as their record. Because, in fact, surprisingly, they may be better than the record.

The Yankees speak while bending their muscles with the Red Sox

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