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Toronto — Giancarlo Stanton’s jumping grab on Monday night became viral. The 6-6 outfielder stole a long hit from Matt Chapman at the top of the wall on the right field in a tremendous defensive play. Not much attention is paid to the Yankees’ daily tough and everyday play this year.

Part of the belief that this Yankees team is better than last year’s and 2020 teams is that they have become a more complete team. That is reflected in their defense. In short, last season, the Yankees finished 29th out of 30 teams with defensive points (-41), according to FanGraphs. Bombers have made great strides throughout the 25 games of the season. Towards Friday’s series opener against the Rangers at Yankee Stadium, they are ranked third in the defensive defense points saved in the FanGraphs Team Rankings.

Most of them are personnel.

The Yankees finished an experiment with shortstop Gleyber Torres last year and set out to find a solid and athletic defensive infielder there at Isiah Kiner-Falefa. They also have a healthy DJ LeMahieu. He severely restricted him last year because he had problems with athletic pubalgia and biceps. And in a way like Benjamin Button, Stanton seems to resist the aging process and become healthier and stronger as he gets older.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said it was all out on the field and won on schedule.

“Bringing Isiah Kinerfalefa in a premium position like a shortstop reveals his athletic ability. This is a very important defensive position and as we are now quite dynamic. I feel. I think Graber did a really great job and moved up to second place. I think he’s much more comfortable. They’re much more confident, “Boon said. “I think DJs are healthier for me. It’s a sign of him moving around. His arms are stronger, which means he plays more often on third base. Making it possible. Our catch tandem, I will stand them against anyone.

“And Giancarlo can go out and play in the outfield, and Aaron Judge can slip into the centerfield. [from right].. Therefore, there was built-in flexibility. “

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Kinner Falefa saved three defense points and became the eighth major league shortstop. Last year, Torres saved -7 defense points and was ranked 120th among the players who played shortstop. Torres has five DRSs on second base this season.

After the very disappointing 2021, the Yankees made a new defense effort. They will practice in the field at the beginning of the series on the street, mainly to get used to the different fields, but this year seems to be doing much more.

This reflects the organization’s new commitment to defense. The fact that so many players go out before playing the game on the ground ball or various plays indicates that the players have bought in.

“This doesn’t mean it wasn’t prioritized in the past, but I’m sure it’s a priority. They understand its importance and the commitment they have to make. That’s it, “Boon said. “The good thing about it is that we saw it appear for us in a way that helps us win the game here.”

Bench coach Carlos Mendoza points out Stanton’s play on Monday night as having won the Yankees match. They ended up winning 3-2 that night.

“But you also see many everyday plays that Izzy does. [Kiner-Falefa] I become a shortstop every day, “said Mendoza. “They are by his side and it’s another game. You can change the way you pitch and use the bullpen.

“I think there has been a big difference so far this season.”

The Yankees’ new defense efforts are rewarded in the Victory column – New York Daily News

Source link The Yankees’ new defense efforts are rewarded in the Victory column – New York Daily News

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