The woman who throws away the heel after COVID splits the fashionista

Cindy Grosz feels like a liberated woman.

“I’ve bought heels since college,” Gross, a 58-year-old radio host, told Post. Her collection of shoes includes a large number of high-end pairs of luxury brands such as Stuart Weitzman, Charles Jordan and Saint Laurent. Before the pandemic, she said, “I went to all these fundraising and celebrity events on high heels. I loved how they made me feel.”

But she admits that things have changed since the blockade.

“Now I don’t feel much pressure to put on my heels,” said a former shoe addict at 5 feet 2. “I can’t wear them anymore.”

2020 was the year when women stopped wearing bras, stopped dyeing roots and replaced high heels with sneakers. But now the office is reopening and parties and weddings are reopening. This is a true moment for a woman who claims to have thrown away her high heels forever. So far, it seems that quite a few reformed heel wearers are sticking to their words that they intend to stop suffering for fashion. According to a recent Amex Trendex survey, a trend index that tracks personal consumption, female respondents are excited to buy “comfortable” shoes compared to a pair suitable for a “professional dress.” I was twice as likely to say that I was there.

Models Shanina Shaik (from left), Hailey Beaver, and Nicky Hilton were all found rocking chic yet comfortable shoes.
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For Grosz, the advantages of rocking a flat far outweigh the disadvantages. “Sometimes I miss [heels]Don’t worry about tripping [anymore], “She said,” I was always aware of the marble floor and sometimes couldn’t dance. “

Still, stubborn heel defenders say women like Gross are on their toes in dangerous areas.

“Too many women [post-COVID] Put on their “wise” shoes and go out at night. ” Individual shoppers Mona Sharaf wrote on her Facebook page last month. “Women should put their heels back! Yes, I noticed, but they don’t look good.”

Sharaf continued that the blockade tailoring rules did not have to be applied to normal life. “New York and the event are back. The women are out in nice clothes and when I look down they are in a really ugly apartment. It ruins everything,” she yelled at the post. rice field. “Why are you doing this to yourself?”

Indeed, even celebrities are leaning towards a more relaxed style, so the “heel or non-heel” debate has moved to the public sphere. Hailey Beaver, Nicky Hilton, and model Shanina Shaik have been witnessed stepping into sneakers, simple loafers, and even slipper-like Ugg.And the smart actress Mayim Bialik “Jeopardy!” Host In recent months, her shoe selection at the show has received a lot of attention, both positive and negative.

Personal shopper Monasharaf wants to put his life and limbs at risk on the dangerous cobblestone streets of New York, which has heels rather than flats.
Personal shopper Monasharaf wants to put his life and limbs at risk on the dangerous cobblestone streets of New York, rather than replacing his heels with an apartment.
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“I love Mayim wearing wise shoes,” a Twitter user recently wrote about Bialik’s wardrobe.

However, some complain that she is distracting the audience because she didn’t dress some of the show’s moderators. “Mayim Bialik’s Jeopardy’s wardrobe is really Daudi,” lamented another tweeter. You need to be an oversized blazer, a calf-length skirt, or wise shoes, but you can’t use all three at the same time. “

Even shoe sellers can’t agree on whether pumps and stiletto heels (the long flagship of chic women’s wardrobes) will come back after COVID-19.

footwear Designer Sara Flint, Its tagline is “no sacrifice style”, and her Natalie’s Pointed To Flat is priced at about $ 400 and is a celebrity-loved 3.3-inch “Perfect Pump 85.”

“Natalie is the highest performing shoe in the overall pandemic and continues to be a bestseller this year, even though people have resumed some of their pre-pandemic activities,” she said.

Marisa Silver, Buyer Saks Fifth Avenue Designer Shoes, Singing another song.

“We are seeing the return of the heel,” she told the post. “NS [Christian] Louboutin’s business is great, Manolos is back [Amina] Muaddi is really strong. Many of these sexy and emotional brands are really seeing the business come back. People are excited to go out again, change into nines and show off their shoes. “

Actress Ruth Wilson rocks the red carpet in a chic two-piece suit combined with an apparently unconventional flat.
Actress Ruth Wilson rocks the red carpet in a chic suit combined with an apparently unconventional flat.
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That was also true for Carrie Pluchino, who routinely wore 4-6 inch heels daily until the pandemic caused a serious mental change.

“I love fashion, I love shoes. I was confused because I had nowhere to go during the pandemic,” Pulcino said.

One day, the 43-year-old New Yorker, who used to work in fashion, now works in technology, realizes he’s not ready to give up on the habit of newly found sneakers. “It was a revelation that it still looked cute and fashionable and didn’t make me uncomfortable,” she said, and recently purchased a gorgeous athleisure pair from Loeffler Randall and Zadig & Voltaire. “Overall, you are happy [in flats].. It’s miserable when your leg hurts. “

She is enthusiastic about comfort, so for the December wedding, Pulcino bought a white checkered van to be worn at the reception and abandoned the 3-inch pump as soon as the ceremony was over. rice field.

“Carry in 2019 would have tried to do it for fashion, but Carrie in 2021 says,” You can still look cute with sneakers. ” “”

Crown Heights relationship coach Shebatauby had a similar spectacular moment when she was dressed for her sister’s marriage. Instead of slacking off on the heels, as she has done regularly for over 20 years, Tauby chose some pretty black flats.

Heel to Hell: Australia's Shanina Shaik sports comfortable sheepskin ugg in a sleek suit.
Heel to Hell: Australia’s Shanina Shaik sports comfortable sheepskin ugg in a sleek suit.
GC image

“I said,’I can’t believe I’m wearing these for my wedding.’ I wouldn’t have dreamed before. [COVID-19]But there’s something in the heels, “said the eight-year-old mother, adding that she danced at night without feeling any pain in her legs. “Heels look and feel good, but they cause so much pain. I wondered,” Is it really worth it? ” “”

Stubborn stiletto enthusiasts can say just one word in response: yes.

“It’s lazy. It’s a fear of being uncomfortable — their feet will hurt all night. The truth is, it won’t hurt more than a year and a half ago,” she said for the winter. Sharaf, who has been rocking her sky-high Jimmy Choo since last year when he camped in Miami, told the post. “I could tolerate it a year and a half ago, but suddenly I couldn’t tolerate it? Did your parameters change suddenly though you could tolerate it? If you sat on your butt for a year and a half, suddenly you couldn’t put on your heels? “

Inna Protokin, Bergdorf Goodman’s personal shopper, agrees with Sharaf.

“The pandemic is a little over, so we definitely need to go back to wearing heels,” Protokin said. Inna Your Shoes on Instagram page has 20,000 followers.. “When you go out for dinner, you won’t die without heels. It’s a more sophisticated look — you can’t stop dressing up. You can’t give up — you’re for yourself And I want to look good for your spouse. “

“And men love heels,” she continued. “”[Christian] Louboutin once said, “I don’t make heels for women, I make heels for men.” “

A gorgeous flat to replace your heel habits

From bow-top slip-ons to tough and cool Chelsea boots, there are plenty of styles to fill in a comfortable kickfix. “Our customers are now focusing on loafers and rug soles rather than true flats,” said Tracy Margollies, chief merchandising officer at Saks Fifth Avenue, adding that sneakers are still hot. rice field.

Natalie Flat, $ 395

Flat leopard print shoes
Natalie Flat

Bottega Veneta Rug Leather Chelsea Boots, $ 1200

Bottega Veneta rug leather Chelsea boots,
Bottega Veneta rug leather Chelsea boots,

Ugg Tazz Suede Platform Slippers, $ 120

Ugg Taz Suede Platform Slippers
Ugg Taz Suede Platform Slippers
Coutesy UGG

Alexander McQueen oversized glitter counter sneakers, $ 580

Alexander McQueen oversized glitter counter sneakers
Alexander McQueen oversized glitter counter sneakers

The woman who throws away the heel after COVID splits the fashionista

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