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The White House rejects Trump’s claim of executive privilege to the January 6 parliamentary riot document

From Washington-The battle over the White House record of former President Donald Trump’s activities in connection with the January 6 parliamentary attack intensified on Wednesday.

In a letter to the National Archives, the White House advisory office said President Biden had “instructed” the agency to comply with the House Selection Committee’s request for records.

“President [Biden] He maintains his conclusion that the claim of executive privilege is not in the best interests of the United States. “

“President Biden does not support the former president’s claim of privilege,” said Wednesday’s letter. “Given the urgency of the selection committee’s need for information, the president will provide those pages for an additional 30 days. There is no court order to intervene after notifying the former President to instruct you. “

New report: Seeing the January 6 parliamentary riot unfold, Trump liked what he saw and bragged about the size of the crowd, sources say.

“It’s not based on law or reality, it’s just a game for these politicians. They don’t care about our country or Americans,” Trump released a statement late last week. Mr. Trump further said Democrats were “intoxicated with power.”

The move on Wednesday will occur as the Commission strengthens its efforts to proceed with the investigation. Former Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen testified in front of the committee on Wednesday, according to sources familiar with the procedure.

On Tuesday, the Commission issued a subpoena to former Under Secretary of Justice Jeffrey Clark. Clark’s lawyer declined to comment when contacted by ABC News.

The House Selection Committee has summoned several former White House officials, including former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, to support Trump and his campaign. The Commission said Meadows is cooperating with the Commission, although the extent of its participation in the investigation is unknown.

But Steve Bannon, a former senior adviser to the Trump White House and former CEO of the campaign, is sticking to rejecting the commission. In a second letter to the Commission obtained by ABC News, Bannon’s lawyer said he was instructed by Trump’s lawyer not to respond because the former president had exercised executive privilege. ..
“Until we reach an agreement with President Thompson or receive a court ruling on the scope, scope and application of executive privilege, Mr. Bannon will not prepare or testify,” said Robert Costello, a lawyer in Bannon. I wrote a letter to the chief Benny Thompson.

Thompson and Vice-Chair Liz Cheney last week insulted Congress for ignoring the Commission’s subpoena and said they would “quickly consider” detaining Bannon and potentially others.

Sources have sent letters to some of the subpoenas informing them that Trump’s lawyer wants the former president to ignore the subpoena and that he intends to claim executive privilege. Confirmed to. In the letter, Trump suggested that he would be willing to bring the matter to court to prevent their cooperation.

In a previous letter to the National Archives, White House adviser Dana Remus said that the White House “decided that the claim of executive privilege was not in the best interests of the United States,” but when Trump claimed, they ” We will respond accordingly. ” Executive privileges on only a subset of documents.

The Commission issued at least 18 subpoenas, most of which were sent to Trump’s associates and individuals associated with a rally in Washington on the day of the Capitol riots.

Benjamin Siegel of ABC News contributed to this report.

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The White House rejects Trump’s claim of executive privilege to the January 6 parliamentary riot document

Source link The White House rejects Trump’s claim of executive privilege to the January 6 parliamentary riot document

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