The wall collapses in the psychiatric drama “Wakefield”

You may not be able to recognize the “Wakefield” star, but after watching this psychological drama arriving on Monday (October 18th), you can’t get rid of certain pop songs from the early 80’s. .. ) At showtime.

The song, or “Earworm,” mentioned by one of the show’s characters, is a continuing theme throughout the eight-episode series produced and filmed in Australia and aired on ABCTV earlier this year. And that’s just one of many “Wakefield” arrests related to the stories of staff and patients living in the famous picturesque mental hospital in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

The show’s protagonist is a compassionate nurse who loves tap dancing (another theme) and has the ability to connect with Wakefield patients at a higher level than anyone else, including Chief Staff Doctor Carina Wells (Geraldine Hakewell). My name is Nick (Rudider Marine Gum). , Also Nick’s ex-girlfriend. Nick quit shortly before getting his medical degree. He felt this was his intention, and it is clear that he was right in the way he cared for and communicated his accusations. These patients include a businessman (Dan Wyllie) who is there after an overdose and is trying to close a large business deal. A young mother with postpartum depression (Megan Smart) also takes care of her newborn daughter in Wakefield. Manic-depressive landscape gardener (Hariet Dyer) who can’t control her lust. And the overweight hoarding (Bessie Holland) with mom’s problems hiding behind the ever-present dark sunglasses.

A photo showing the pensive Rudy Dermarin Gum as Nick.
Rudy Dermarin Gum starred as Nick, a caring nurse working in a mental hospital at Wakefield.
Lisa Tomasetti / Jungle Entertainment

Their stories are told in linear chronological order through flashback melange and in their lives in Wakefield, as well as behind-the-scenes stories of Nick and his colleagues. Many scenes involving different characters will be revisited, but they will be developed from different perspectives, which will keep things interesting. You need to be careful.

Of course, Nick has his own demon, and as the series progresses, we personally deal with problems with his family, Karina (who deals with her own problems), and his colleagues. It begins to surface as it is taken into the cocoon-the worker and his mental health (he is the “victim” of the earworm song mentioned above). Wakefield’s staff is a collection of positive and unfavorable characters, including Chief Nursing Supervisor Linda (Mandy McKelney), who is afraid that Nick will take on her job. Pete (Sam Simmons) is more accustomed to two Bichon Frize dogs than his patients. Colette (Felicity Ward) is a New Age nurse who taps her forehead to release positive energy. McElhinney, Simmons and Ward each have a long history of acting in Australia, but each is interesting and interesting in its own way.

Photo showing Mandy McKellyney and Felicity Ward as Linda and Collet in the scene from "Wakefield."
Mandy McKelney (left) and Felicity Ward (Linda and Colette).
Lisa Tomasetti / Jungle Entertainment

Created by Christen Danphy, co-authored with Sam Meikle, Joan Sauers, and Cassie Strickland, the series combines drama, comedy, and even fantasy sequences (with some music numbers), and people are each emotional. And suffering from physical problems, he is looking for ways to deal with life inside and outside the Wakefield wall.

The wall collapses in the psychiatric drama “Wakefield”

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