The story of Mark Kelly dressed as Hitler in an Arizona proceeding

When Senator Mark Kelly of the Arizona Democratic Party ran for 2020, a black-and-white photo of someone in a Nazi uniform emerged from a yearbook from the time a former astronaut attended the US Merchant Marine Academy.

The Nazi in costume was Mr. Kelly “dressed as Hitler,” a right-wing online publication, National File, said another controversy showing two men from the Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Norsam’s Medical Yearbook. He said he broke the story about brewing photography. One dressed as the Ku Klux Klansman and the other with a black face.

Mr. Northam first admitted that he was one of the men in racist attire, and then denied it. Meanwhile, Kelly denied it was him from the beginning, and his campaign provided a statement from a former Kings Point classmate that the Nazis pretended not to be him.

And there the problem seemed dead. The alternative to Mr. Kelly has never been named, but according to various fact check outlets that have spoken to most media and former classmates, the words of his classmates have favored him.

In fact, the issue lives on in a state lawsuit filed by Mr. Kelly and his campaign against National File’s parent company, Flyover Media. According to Tom Pappert, editor-in-chief of the National File and appointed defendant, Kelly will be testified on the issue early next year on the current schedule.

The campaign for plaintiff Kelly, along with the senator, did not respond to requests for comment.

National File and Pappert supported the story, leaving the late John McCain free in a race that Kelly won in November 2020 while Kelly was campaigning against Republican incumbent Martha Maxary. I filled the seat. Mr. Kelly will face a reelection campaign in 2022 as it was a special election to fill McCain’s seats.

“The so-called fact checker only acted as a writer on behalf of Mark Kelly’s campaign,” Pappert told The Washington Times. “Their idea of ​​uncovering something is that some ex-classmates come out and say,’It wasn’t him,’ and then Facebook and its fact checker go,’It’s proof.’ is.”

The proceedings were filed on October 26, 2020 in the Arizona Court of Pima County, a highly democratic region, including Tucson. Kelly and the campaign are represented by Perkins Koy, who is headquartered in Washington and often represents Democratic politicians. Kansas-based National File and Mr. Pappert have private lawyers.

Neither Udall Shumway’s lawyer nor Perkins Coie’s associate Sarah Gonski, who filed the proceedings, responded to requests for comment on the proceedings.

Kelly graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy in 1986 and has an outstanding career as both a US Navy aviator and an entrepreneur. As the background suggests, some of the people who jumped into his defense were very skilled people, including Jennifer Boykin, president of Newport News Shipbuilding.

Papert pointed out the timeline involved in the proceedings and responded with a comment from Boykin that Kelly was not a Nazi-dressed person about an hour after National File asked the Kelly campaign about the photo. ..

Neither Boykin nor any of the other ex-classmates who denied the photo suggested Kelly’s replacement or identified the person in the costume at the party. The Washington Times contacted three classmates, including Boykin, but they didn’t respond.

Article remains onlineDespite its removal, monetary damages and attorneys’ fees are required in the proceedings.

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The story of Mark Kelly dressed as Hitler in an Arizona proceeding

Source link The story of Mark Kelly dressed as Hitler in an Arizona proceeding

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