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The statue of George Floyd in Manhattan was destroyed, but soon returned to shape by art group volunteers – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) — A commemorative statue George Floyd of Union Square It was destroyed on Sunday morning.

Police say someone splashed it with paint, and it’s not the first time a statue has been targeted, CBS2’s Jessica Layton reported.

New Yorkers and tourists alike were amazed at the larger Floyd statue on Sunday night. Floyd was restored to a golden glow at Union Square Park after being polluted earlier in the day.

“We put it two days ago and there’s vandalism here 48 hours later,” said Lindsay Eshelman, co-founder of the group Confront Art.

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Discouraged volunteers saw a thick layer of gray-blue paint splashed on the sculpture just days after the sculpture went up to the park, where it marched in protest of police atrocities in memory of Floyd. I peeled it off and spent the day. Black Floyd died in May 2020 after a white Minneapolis police officer knelt around his neck for about 10 minutes.

The 6-foot sculpture on his face was first destroyed a few days after his debut in Flatbush, Brooklyn in June, shaking and offending a community that had already experienced a lot.

“No matter who does it, you should be ashamed of yourself. He was already suffering enough,” said resident Yasmine Beadle.

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Police said the summer vandalism case was the work of four people linked to a local supremacist group. Therefore, Layton reported that this is now doubling the feeling that the statue and its supporters have been targeted.

“The funny thing is, we knew this could happen, which shows that what we’re doing is a spark of conversation and a spark of controversy. That’s the mission of art and to evoke emotions. I don’t agree with this emotion. It’s very frustrating, but it shows the unity of America in which we live. ” Eshelman said.

“It’s a memory, you know. The memory is polluted and we want to shed light. We did this from the goodwill of the community, but this is happening It’s really sad, “added Angie Onmars of Confront Art. “It’s really painful and really sad for people to pollute and destroy what we’ve worked hard on. Seeing their lost sons and their lost brothers being destroyed again. I know it also hurt the Floyd family. “

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This statue, along with the statues of John Lewis and Breona Taylor, is part of a temporary exhibition called “See Injustice”. This is a call to admit the abuse of black men and women in the hope of promoting peace and healing across the country.

Floyd’s brother, Terrence, excited the crowd with his dedication in the cry of the rally.

“We will continue to wake up, do this with love, peace and unity, and continue to heal together,” Terence Floyd said in late September.

Mayor of Brooklyn on Sunday Eric Adams George Floyd’s tragic death trauma is a trauma that saw his monument polluted, emotions echoed by those who worked hard to remove paint and heal the scars of injustice at a traveling exhibition. Should not be exacerbated by.

Police said they had a surveillance video of a person who saw it mixing paint before it was thrown into a statue, but they haven’t found that person yet.

Jessica Layton of CBS2 contributed to this report. Editor’s Note: This story first appeared on October 3, 2021.

The statue of George Floyd in Manhattan was destroyed, but soon returned to shape by art group volunteers – CBS New York

Source link The statue of George Floyd in Manhattan was destroyed, but soon returned to shape by art group volunteers – CBS New York

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