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The Senate is ready to pass a same-sex marriage bill.Republican Religious Freedom Amendment Expected to Fail

The Senate is poised Tuesday to pass landmark legislation codifying the right to same-sex marriage after months of controversy over protections for religious freedom.

The bill, called the Respect Marriage Act, enlisted the help of dozens of Republican senators who backed the bill after it included a carve-out for unwillingness to serve nonprofit religious groups such as churches. Borrowed and expected to barely pass. same-sex marriage.

Then, before heading to President Biden’s desk, it needs to be approved by the House of Representatives, which passed a similar bill with bipartisan support in July.

Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (Democrat, New York) said the vote alone was notable.

“Ten years ago, it would have strained all our imaginations to imagine both sides discussing defending the rights of same-sex couples.” But sometimes in the hard way, sometimes two steps forward and one step back.”

Still, the process was cumbersome. Republicans make a last-minute attempt to tighten the religious freedom clause, which most Republican senators say is not enough to protect religious groups and private companies from lawsuits for not accommodating same-sex marriage. are planning

The Senate is set to vote on three amendments to strengthen religious liberty and liberty protections, but none are likely to pass.

The amendment was proposed by Republican senators Mike Lee of Utah, James Lankford of Oklahoma, and Marco Rubio of Florida.

Lee’s amendment requires 60 votes to pass, while Lankford’s and Rubio’s amendments require a simple majority. A final vote will then be taken. This requires him 60 votes under an agreement to expedite the legislative process.

Supporters of the bill will fight off the amendment because they fear it will undermine the bipartisan bill.

North Carolina Republican Senator Tom Tillis, a supporter of the bill, said he supported Lee’s amendment but said it was “much broader” than the current bill.

Tillis and 11 others, including Roy Brandt of Missouri, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Rob Portman of Ohio, Sherry Moore Capito of West Virginia, Dan Sullivan of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, and Susan Collins of Maine. Republican senators support the bill. , Joni Ernst of Iowa, Cynthia Lumis of Wyoming, Lisa Markowski of Alaska and Todd Young of Indiana.

The bill is expected to pass with 61 votes. Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock is campaigning in his home state of Georgia for his Dec. 6 runoff vote against Republican Herschel Walker in a 50-50 split against him. lost one vote for

In a pre-Thanksgiving test vote, the bill stood 62 to 37. The Senate is ready to pass a same-sex marriage bill.Republican Religious Freedom Amendment Expected to Fail

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