The resurrection of “Save by the Bell” has a “fresh and new atmosphere”

The class is returning to the session at Bayside High.

More than 30 years after it aired, “Saved by the Bell” is finally back, and a new version that mixes classic characters and fresh faces.

“For years, people have been asking us to reboot. Some other beloved shows were successful, some weren’t,” said Elizabeth Berkley, 48. I told the post.

“For us, we really protected how we got it back. How can we still respect the OG? [show] And not only what people loved about it, but also bring it to the new reimagination associated with today. “

The original sitcom aired on NBC from 1989 to 1992, following the daily lives of Bayside High students such as the likable villain Zack Morris (Mark Paul Gosseller). The ridiculous Samuel “Screech” Powers (Dustin Diamond); Cheerleader Kelly Kapovsky (Tiffani Thiessen); Popular Jock AC Slater (Mario Lopez); Rich Girl Lisa Turtle (Lark Vourries); And Feminist Achievement Jesse Spano (Berkeley).

You’ll see sequel series such as 1993 “Bell Saved: College” and the television movie (1994 “Bell Saved: Wedding in Las Vegas”), but the new show is the first official Mark the resurrection.

Today's Elizabeth Berkley and (Insert) Cast of the 1989-1992 series "Saved by Bell."
Today’s Elizabeth Berkley and (insert) cast of the 1989-1992 series “Save by The Bell”.Everett Collection; Chris Haston / Peacock

Premiered at NBC Streamer’s Peacock on Wednesday, November 25, “Save by The Bell” will feature a new group of Bayside High students and many former cast members whose former teenage characters have grown up in the world. I’m following you. Zack (Goceller, 46, replaying the role) is currently the Governor of California. After landing in political water to close underfunded schools, he sent affected students to well-funded schools such as Bayside and privileged elbows to working-class children. Try to solve the problem by rubbing. There will be cultural conflicts with lots of comedy.

Showrunner Tracy Wigfield “had the right idea,” Berkeley said. “She grew up watching it.”

“Coming from that place of love and its awe, we knew she took care of it the right way and that it had an interesting, fresh and progressive new atmosphere.”

“Saved by the Bell” participates in the trend of shows that have revived in the past few years, such as “Twin Peaks”, “Veronica Mars”, “Fuller House”, “Karate Kid” series “Cobra Kai” This is the latest work.

In the “Saved by the Bell” revival, Slater (Lopez, 47, replaying the role) became the athletic director of Bayside High and Jesse became the coaching counselor. Her son Jamie (one of the new cast members, Belmont Camelli) is a student and captain of the football team. Zack’s preppy son Mack (Mitchell Hoog) is also one of the newcomers, and Teesen and Voorhees both return as Kelly and Lisa.

“It’s important to devote a lot of creativity to getting to know these new kids,” said Berkeley, a revival producer.

“Because everyone already knows us. This multi-generational because we have friends who are parents who have grown up with us or are now just showing their children shows. Very nice like the one, but for a new group [of students], We really needed to understand where they came from and returned to Bayside and the world. “

The screen time that follows the next generation is considerable, but Berkeley said it was a nostalgic factor. She especially appreciated Jesse’s revisiting as an adult and seeing where life took her.

“We stopped after graduating from high school and Tracey and I creatively filled the void of what happened there. [Jessie’s] life. She holds a PhD, is the author of The New York Times’ best-selling parenting book, and speaks for TED. When she returns to her at Bayside, where she is now a coaching counselor, she has always had the success she wanted to do at work, but her personal life is a bit confusing. So while she accomplished all these outside things she dreamed of as a feminist and was really ahead of the game when the original was made, it’s about some of the emotional life Jesse is experiencing. is. Not perfect. It’s fun to see someone who usually has it stumble a little. “

Regarding the restart of Peacock, former “Saved by the Bell” star Elizabeth Berkley said, “We really kept how we put it back.”

NBC / Everett Collection

Saved by the Bell, Mario Lopez, Lark Vourries, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley, Mark Paul

Cast of “Saved by the Bell”: Mario Lopez, Lark Vourries, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley, Mark-Paul Gosseller, Dustin Diamond

NBC / Everett Collection

SAVED BY THE BELL: HAWAIIAN STYLE, Elizabeth Berkley, Mario Lopez, 1992, (c) NBC / Courtesy Everett Col

Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley on the 1992 “Saved by Bell: Hawaiian Style” set.

NBC / Everett Collection

Saved by Bell: Hawaiian Style, Clockwise from Back Left: Dustin Diamond, Mario Lopez, Mark Paul

“Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style” by Dustin Diamond, Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosseller, Lark Vourries, Tiffani Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley.

NBC / Everett Collection

Saved by the Bell, Elizabeth Berkley, Mark-Paul Gosseller, Lark Vourries, 1989-93

“Saved by the Bell” stars Elizabeth Berkley, Mark-Paul Gosseller and Lark Vourries will take promotional photos of the original series.

Everett Collection

SAVED BY THE BELL, Mark Paul Goseller, Season 3, 1989-1993 (c) NBC / Provided by: Everett Collection.

Mark Paul Gosseller in the Season 3 scene of “Saved by the Bell”.

NBC / Everett Collection


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Berkeley says all cast members have been in contact for years, but their characters were still emotional, so they reunited on the set.

“We have a really sweet brotherhood. We were very young when we first started. We were literally the age we were playing. We had our first car Gathered, dreams come true, shared school rooms together .. .. It’s a rich connection that we share, so not only do we see them again in real life, but sometimes we do I know everyone’s children and spouses — but then stopping by those characters was surreal and amazing.

“We were all very happy. I remember sitting opposite Mario. [Lopez] For our first scene. This is this face I’ve known for a long time, and now he’s a man and a father. .. .. I’m really proud of everyone and how we grew up. There is a lot of remorse when getting such a lap moment. “

The resurrection of “Save by the Bell” has a “fresh and new atmosphere”

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