The real star of 2020 is the deep bench

At this stage, most fantasy football owners are beginning to pay attention to the playoffs. Due to the approaching deadline, many follow the usual path of integrating bench depth and borderline starters to increase star power while avoiding the need to make weekly lineup decisions. is. If it sounds like you, you might want to pump the brakes. It’s 2020, and this season the depth of the high quality bench moves the needle.

Take a really good look at the top teams in your league now. Are they there for their first or second round picks? Probably not. Alvin Kamara owners may feel good, but according to the 2020 Fantasy ADP (Average Draft Position), 18 of the top 24 players in the draft are injured or expected. I’m posting far below the numbers. It may sound stale and cliché, but the fantasy championship wins in the mid-to-late rounds. The team at the top of your ranking is there because of the depth of the bench and the ability to withstand a total of injuries and disappointments.

By exchanging their depth with one of these top players returning from the injury, you can see the team they thought they were familiar with. How many people have witnessed deals like Christian McCaffrey’s Dandre Swift, Antonio Gibson and DJ Moore? Or what about trading players like Michael Thomas, Joe Mixon, Austin Eckeller, etc.? Looking at the playoffs is one thing, but just looking at the 14-16 week schedule doesn’t tell you what’s going on in front of you.

Under normal circumstances, look at the big picture and instruct them to look at the forest through the trees. Unfortunately, the 2020 season is not normal and it may be wrong to look too far into the future. The wind of change is blowing in different directions every week. You can’t reach the winner’s circle without the depth of the roster to withstand the weekly adjustments.

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The real star of 2020 is the deep bench

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