The Perfect Outfit for your Next Padel Match

Have you heard of padel? Padel is an invigorating racquet sport that combines elements of tennis, racquetball and squash. It’s easy to learn and fun to play making it one of the fastest growing sports!

Whether you’re looking to learn the sport or are already a seasoned player, the clothing and equipment you choose can have a major impact on your performance. It’s so important in fact that some major brands are creating their own lines of padel clothing and equipment.

So how do you choose the perfect outfit for your next Padel match? By following our mini clothing & gear guide! We’ll give you tips on how to choose the perfect clothing, shoes and equipment to up your padel game.

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 When choosing the perfect outfit for your next padel match there are three major factors to consider:

Since padel is an active sport, you’re going to want to choose a lightweight material for your clothing that won’t hold you down. Make sure that you dress in layers so that you can remove a layer if you need to cool down. If you play outdoors, make sure you dress appropriately for the weather.

Padel requires you to be fast and active, so you’ll want to make sure that clothing you choose has lots of stretch. Nylon and spandex are two materials that provide a lot of stretch and movement in athletic gear.

You’ll be working up quite a sweat when you play padel, so it’s important that the material you choose has sweat-wicking properties. Avoid cotton at all costs which simply absorbs moisture.

If you want to avoid synthetic fabrics, try bamboo! Not only is it an eco-friendly option, but it has natural sweat-wicking properties as well.


 Padel involves a lot of rapid movements and jumping, so the footwear you choose will be vital to your success. Not only that but padel requires special footwear designed to help your feet grip to the artificial grass of padel courts. Without that extra grip, it would be easy for an active player to slip and injure themselves!

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect Padel footwear:

Remember that the best Padel shoe is the one you feel comfortable and confident in. As long as it provides adequate cushioning and support, choose the footwear that feels best to you!


 The most important equipment you’ll need for your next padel match is of course the racquet. There are many different types of racquets available on the market at different price points, but if you’re a beginner just starting out you’ll want to choose an easy-to-play racquet that’s lightweight. As your skill improves you can invest in a professional racquet that’s designed for power and accuracy.

Round padel racquets are the obvious choice for beginners thanks to their maneuverability. Make sure you choose a lightweight racquet when you’re starting out as well to avoid arm fatigue.

Don’t forget about the grip tape either! If you find that your racquet is constantly slipping out of your hand, look for grip tape that you can add to your racquet’s handle for extra traction.


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