The NYC teacher posted an almost naked snap online, but it’s still working

In a very unusual move, the city allowed Manhattan teachers to post almost naked selfies online, accused of flirting with students, and continue working until an investigation was conducted, Post learned. is.

Gabriel Mitey, 27, a social studies teacher at the Lower Manhattan Arts Academy (LOMA), has made some complaints, students and school sources told The Post. But investigators are wondering if his actions were the cause of the shooting, or simply “strange” or “stupid mistakes,” insiders said.

“Nothing has been done, he’s running away with it,” said a LOMA graduate. A year ago, Mitey told investigators that he had sexually harassed him. During his fourth grade.

Instead of being on the sidelines by the Ministry of Education, the teacher continued — and even handed over, while the standard procedure of complaints was being investigated. The role of Ume at the time of graduation by the principal who is the subject of sexual harassment complaints.

Student complaints have increased since inquiries from the post office Scrutinized with new complaints by a girl who is a current LOMA student.

Regina Gluzmanova, a spokeswoman for the Anastasia Coleman Municipal School Special Investigation Commission, said:

Gabriel Mitey has made some complaints about his actions.

Accused LOMA Principal Derek Premo Push his crotch The staff says they support Mitey against another male teacher’s foot at the staff’s holiday party.

According to students, an image of Mighty in a bathroom with a towel on her groin was posted on Snapchat and copied and shared by teens following him on a social media platform.

“I was shocked,” a girl who saw it told the post.

A recent LOMA graduate who complained of sexual harassment told a 17-year-old child, “How was my day?” He said he started sending text messages about the problem. What did he eat and do for his leisure time?

Mitey also sent a text message to students about his own routine. “I found out he was flirting. It was very flirting. He had a motive,” said a former student, adding that the exchange made him more and more anxious. “It was very unpleasant to go to his zoom class.”

The students finally told SCI that Mitey had proposed to get the two together that summer after graduation.

Principal Derek Premo
Principal Derek Premo is also subject to sexual harassment complaints.

“He wanted to show me a book. We could have coffee at his place, maybe food. He basically asked me the date,” said the student who declined the invitation. rice field.

Mitey later sent a text message as follows: Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet you, “shows a screenshot with a frowning emoji. Mitey also asked in their text, “And can it stay between us?” When a teenager asked if the teacher mentioned class issues, Mitey replied: Laugh naturally like you. “

Last year, a student confided his discomfort to another LOMA teacher, who spoke to the vice-principal. Both have reported complaints to SCI, sources confirmed. However, Mitey was not removed. Premo honored Mitey by appointing him to hand out his diploma at a direct graduation ceremony.

Another recent graduate told Post that Mighty had asked her to stay after school. So he filmed her reading Galileo’s writings. Mighty asked the black girl to “act angry”, pretending to be difficult to pronounce.

A teenager said she believes Mighty plans to use videotapes in her master’s course.

Lower Manhattan Arts Academy
One of the complaints is from a recent LOMA graduate.
Helayne Seidman

On Snapchat, I asked Mitey if the same girl praised her in an anonymous post. He replied, “Yes, Yoro (you live only once).” Mitey also reminded her to delete the conversation, saying “the chat must disappear”.

Mitey, who was contacted by phone, hung up the reporter when asked about the student’s complaint.

DOE didn’t answer the question last week.

The NYC teacher posted an almost naked snap online, but it’s still working

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