The number of COVID-19 cases in NYC schools will increase to 2,400

According to the latest data, the number of COVID-19-positive public school students and staff has increased to 2,400 since September.

The aggregate includes all test results reported to the Ministry of Education’s “Situation Room” that monitors cases of COVID-19.

Although that number is steadily increasing, it is still a low test of .20 based on hiring 1 million students enrolled in the school system and 150,000 teachers and other staff. It shows the positive rate.

The 2,400 people who have been positive since September 14 include 1,092 students and 1,308 school staff. The majority obtained results from urban test sites, medical facilities, and private laboratories.

Officials said the total included some students and staff who studied or worked entirely online. Others who came to school caused the temporary closure of hundreds of classrooms and buildings and the isolation of what they exposed. DOE has never disclosed the number of quarantines.

Of the 2,400 students, only 138 students and 198 staff (336 in total) were tested positive after participating in DOE’s in-school testing program.

DOE states that this is a positive rate of .23 out of 155,763 tests conducted at 4,320 schools. The system has more than 1,700 schools.

Teachers say that school testing programs are inadequate and flawed.

“The DOE test is not random. It’s self-selective,” said Arthur Goldstein, a teacher at Francis Ruiz High School in Queens.

He said teachers are being asked to take the test as volunteers. “People who don’t want things to get stuck in their noses aren’t tested at all.”

Members of DC-37 Local 372, representing school kitchen workers and other aides, have confirmed that the union encourages it, but does not need to be tested. It is unknown how much these workers are in contact with their children and teachers.

“All DOE staff are expected to participate in the tests at school,” DOE said.

School teachers in District 75 for children with disabilities throughout the city say their students have not been tested at all. Many of these children suffer from mask wear and social distance issues.

The DOE spokesman did not respond.

Most parents still resisted having DOE test their children outside their presence.

The number of parents or parents signing consents has increased to 117,000 this week, yet less than half of the children who enroll in Blended Learning and attend school 1-3 days a week.

Karen Beytes, whose daughter attends Manhattan Elementary School, said DOE did not require her parents to sign a consent form. Her ex-husband, who received the form in the first week of school in September, did not return it.

But she said neither the school nor the DOE has asked for it ever since. Her school just sent a reminder to all parents in the school newsletter.

Karen Vaites and her daughter Alice, 3rd grade DOENYC school
Karen Weites and her daughter Alice, third grade.

“I believe that if the school becomes more active in follow-up, more parents will return the form and give permission,” Vaites said. “I was planning to return the form, but I can’t do it now because the school was closed.”

Mayor De Blasio suddenly closed the school on Thursday after the city-wide COVID-19 test positive rate reached an average of 3% for seven days. All instructions are now remote.

He has not set thresholds or criteria for when schools can be reopened, but emphasizes the importance of strengthening the test program.

“We need to come up with stricter rules for the school to work, and testing will be absolutely important,” the mayor said.

The number of COVID-19 cases in NYC schools will increase to 2,400

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