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The next US Congress is set with Democrats winning the final 2022 midterm race

Washington, December 7: With the final pieces of the 2022 U.S. midterm elections settled on Tuesday night, Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock narrowly secured re-election in the Senate, and his party will be elected to Congress in a two-year split government that begins next. firmly grasped. January.

Warnock fended off challenger Herschel Walker, a former American football star who ran the agenda of former President Donald Trump’s blessing and culture wars. Warnock received 50% of the votes cast in the November election won the run-off vote as neither candidate secured more than 100 votes.

Reverend Warnock closed out the runoff with 51.4% of the vote against Walker’s 48.6%.

“Tonight, Georgia voters stood up for our democracy, rejected Ultra MAGAism, and most importantly, sent the good guys back to the Senate. Taking aim at Trump and his brand of politics wrapped in the slogan “Make America Great Again,” he tweeted:

The loss of the Republican candidate was another setback for the former president, with many candidates who were backed and supported losing the midterm elections.

Trump, announcing his third run for the White House, has been criticized for his poor stance on the Republican Party, his continuation of his unsubstantiated allegations that he lost a fraudulent election, and his support for a candidate whose chances of winning were questionable. being denounced.

Midterm elections have been historically brutal for the party that controls the White House, especially the incumbent’s first midterm election. lost and gained more votes in the Senate.

Democrats were also helped by public outrage over a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that overturned decades of constitutional protection for abortion.

Democrats now control the White House, but the US Senate has increased its number from 50 to 51 out of 100 members, even though Biden’s president was not on the midterm ballot. narrow margins.

The next two years are likely to be tumultuous as Republicans decide to launch several congressional investigations into the Biden administration. For example, the influx of immigrants across the southern border, the alleged misuse of his father’s influence by his son Hunter Biden for personal gain when Biden was vice president, and the untidy Afghanistan withdrawal.

The Republican-led House is not as supportive as the Nancy Pelosi-led House, so Biden’s legislative agenda is all but dead. would prevent it. The next US Congress is set with Democrats winning the final 2022 midterm race

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