The New York Teachers Union boss wants the school mayor to end control

The head of a strong city teachers union will oppose the expansion of control by the mayor of public schools now enacted after the 2022 expiration date.

“We need change. Parents and educators need more voice. There is little checking and balance, one manager is not suitable for our school system.” Said Michael Marguerite, president of the American Federation of Teachers, to the post.

If successful, state legislatures will reform existing legislation in line with Marguerite’s 2013 proposal to limit the mayor’s influence on education policy and the unilateral ability to choose a school prime minister. ..

UFT spokesman Dick Riley said it won’t affect Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose second and final terms will end on December 31, 2021, but Margulu will discuss with Hitsonner’s successor candidate. It is said that.

De Blasio repeatedly fought to expand control by the school mayor. Most recently, in 2019, he won a three-year extension until June 30, 2022.

At a press conference on Monday, De Blasio said the mayor’s management was “the only way to move things forward because of the actual accountability to the people, and other systems attempted in the past did not provide it.” Stated.

“We could have done more at school. We couldn’t have done pre-kindergarten without the mayor’s control,” he said.

De Blasio also said the school “did not reopen” after the closure of COVID-19.

“Now that we are temporarily closed, we are all suffering, but they will be back,” he said.

Mayor Bill de Blasio
Mayor Bill de BlasioEd Reed / Majoral Photo Office

“And our school was open for a full two months.”

Mayor management began in 2002 when Albany changed the structure of the former school board and abolished 32 locally elected community boards of education after years of mismanagement and corruption scandals.

The move, backed by then Mayor Mike Bloomberg, turned the Ministry of Education into a city agency, empowering the mayor to elect the school’s prime minister and appoint eight of the 13 members of the Education Policy Committee. It was.

Under the old system, seven members of the Board of Education (five mayors and two mayors) chose the prime minister and were in charge of policy.

Marguerite’s plan, first reported by The New York Times, requires the mayor to select five members of the PEP, with the remaining candidates being five mayors, mayors, city council speakers, and public. Go to each of the supporters.

Members also offer staggered three-year periods with renewal options rather than pleasing the appointed person.

In addition, Mulgrew wants the PEP to first search for the new school’s prime minister, select candidates, and have the mayor choose from the top three.

The Prime Minister also serves a two-year renewable term and may only be dismissed for good reason.

The New York Teachers Union boss wants the school mayor to end control

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