The net knows it can’t stand up to the worst of the NBA

Minutes after completing another impressive victory One or more of the NBA’s best teamsIn the locker room, Nets talked about why he couldn’t reproduce his success against fewer opponents for many periods of the season.

Kyrie Irving admitted that Nets had a discussion and sought an answer as a team after defeating the Los Angeles Clippers at Barclays Center on Tuesday.

“Every game makes a lot of sense to us. We have to come out and show it,” Irving said after the match. I feel like [Tuesday] It was easy to get out and do it. After the match, as a team, we talked about gathering together with a team that may not have a record and showing it. We are playing to their level or not beyond the effort required. We want to play the right way in every game and continue to develop consistent habits.

“For us, I think we need to come out and take pride in understanding that every team gives us the best shot. We are one of the teams in the league. But we need to continue to earn that respect. “

Brooklyn is 14-9 overall under Steve Nash’s first year coach this season, especially 5-0 against Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Boston, Utah and the Clippers. These teams held the best four records at the Eastern Conference until Tuesday. In addition to the action, two of the top three western teams (including the Lakers).

However, of Nets’ nine defeats, two (both Memphis) teams that started playing on Wednesday set a record of over .500. They lost to both Cleveland and Washington twice. Including choke in the second half of the match on Sunday Before winning the Clippers, and Charlotte and Oklahoma City.

“It’s about our accumulation. We’re using this season to obviously get better. Of course, we want to win every game, but this season we know each other and We use it to grow as a team, build chemistry, and get to the same page, “says James Harden. “Obviously, some games will be better than others, but overall I think it’s the same idea we had. [Tuesday] No matter who you are playing, you need to have the same idea in every game.

“That’s when you’re going to see some growth from all this.”

Harden, who won from Houston on January 13 to form the Big 3 with Irving and Kevin Durant, believes that the key to that consistency, and a deep step into the playoffs, will be an improvement in the court’s defensive end. He added that he was. ..

Nets Kyrie Irving Kevin Durant James Harden
Kevin Durant (l.), Kyrie Irving (c.), James Harden before Nets defeated the Clippers on February 2, 2021.
NBAE via Getty Images

“Once you understand it defensively, you can talk about blowing the team away,” Harden said. “Aggressively, we got it, and we understand it, and we continue to understand it. But defensively we need to understand it. Yes, that’s what we need to play in the end.

“We know we get the best shots of the team every night. We need to be prepared for it. When we’re not ready, we have a game like this: [against Washington] Before this [against the Clippers] What can happen … We need to build that idea and mindset in every game. “

Nets will be able to face Toronto (9-12) in their home game Friday this week and retest their approach ahead of a road crash with Philadelphia, the eastern leader on Saturday.

“Some teams don’t always play well to play against us. They play against us and they start playing well,” Irving said. “We want to enjoy the challenge as a group.”

The net knows it can’t stand up to the worst of the NBA

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