The NBA Playoffs determine if Nets made the right call

Nets’ mission was to always reach a healthy playoff, whether or not the playoffs arrived as first, second, or even third seeds.

Mission complete.

Whether they had the right mission in the first place will be known over the next month (or two months).

“Good. Our big goal this year was to be as healthy as possible by the end of the year, everyone on the same page and stay excited about what we are doing, so the mission was accomplished there.” Said Steve Nash. “I have a week to prepare. I’ll level up and take the opportunity to get up and ready.”

Brooklyn, which begins its playoffs at home on the weekend, is waiting for the winner of the play-in game between Boston and Washington on Tuesday. Nets won the second seed in the east and finished the game behind Philadelphia.

Given that the Nets were 6-1 when Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden all started, it’s possible they could have won the top seed if they recorded together for more than 202 minutes. It is widely believed to be. Over 8 games during the regular season.

That would have avoided the possibility of a second round clash with Milwaukee, who lost in Season Series 2-1.

“That’s the goal. Obviously, winning the game, having a good seed, having a home court, etc. But health is paramount,” said Blake Griffin. “It’s great that everyone is ready to go. Now our work is cut off in terms of preparation and execution.”

Steve Nash (l) and Kevin Durant
Steve Nash (l.) And Kevin Durant
Robert Sabo

Griffin has never started the game with Big 3 and Joe Harris, thanks to Harris missing the last three tilts due to a buttock injury. Net enters the postseason with the (estimated) optimal lineup never started together, but is betting on talent and health to mitigate it.

“At this point, it’s clearly good that everyone is healthy and everyone is in rhythm, but we know how important each property is in the playoffs,” Durant said. “That’s one of the things we can use and wear hats. Know that. We understand the strength of each property. Get out there and do it. Is our responsibility. “

These nets are not individual, but they are completely new as a unit. Griffin, Jeff Green, and Big 3 may not have played a lot of basketball together, but they have played a lot of meaningful basketball in their careers.

The quintet combines 456 post-season games, 87 playoff series, and three championships. Its history is useful — but how much?

“Well, that certainly helps. I don’t know if it will replace it,” Nash said. “This is a game about harmony, chemistry, routines, getting together. And we’ll have to do it in a short amount of time, but we understand it. We understand. Accepts it. We have people who are talented and have a lot of experience, so hopefully we can trust it when we find ourselves. “

The Clippers didn’t give Paul George and Kawhi Leonard enough time to ring the jelly during the season last year and weren’t upset by Denver in the second round after trying to turn it on late. ..

If Nets struggles, whether fair or not, there will inevitably be a hot take comparison.

“There’s something to do. Being special, you can’t be special just by appearing. There’s something to do,” Griffin said.

“This is another brand of basketball. There is a lot of mental toughness in winning, preparing and adjusting playoff games. Playoffs have highs and lows and you have to be able to ride the storm. No. Many people have played a lot of playoff games. Hopefully it will help us. “

The NBA Playoffs determine if Nets made the right call

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