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The Navy commissions USS Cooperstown.Celebrate veterans

America Navy On Saturday, the USS Cooperstown was commissioned in honor of the 70 Major League Baseball Hall of Famers who served in the military during the war.

A littoral combat ship was named after that village. new york State in which the hall is located.

Hall of Famer Joe Torre and Johnny bench Participating in the ceremony, Torre greeted him and presented him with a long glass bench with a nautical telescope.

“It’s very important to honor the legacy of our Hall of Fame players,” Torre said. Their legacy lives on today and for years to come, with the USS Cooperstown and the sailors here.”

The 70 honored players served in conflicts from the Civil War to the Korean War.The ship’s motto is “America’s Away Team.”

A former player and longtime manager of the New York Yankees, Torre was elected to Hall in 2014. A catcher for the Cincinnati Reds, Bench was selected in 1989.

Bench’s father and Torre’s brother army Navy during World War II, respectively, according to the Hall of Fame.

Built by Lockheed Martin of Wisconsin and the Fincantieri Marinette Marine Corps, the vessel was launched in 2019 and named in 2020. She was delivered to the Navy in September.

From New York City, the ship will sail to a base in Mayport, Florida. The Navy commissions USS Cooperstown.Celebrate veterans

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