The Miami Gallery exhibits rare photographs of street artist Basquiat

Next week at the Miami Gallery, we’ll be auctioning off rare photographs of New York City street artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Since Jean-Michel Basquiat died of heroin overdose at the age of 27, the value of social commentary on racism and power structure has skyrocketed.

The “Our Friend Jean” exhibition of digitally enhanced images of the artist who died in 1988 began at BLK Miami Studios on November 29th and ended at a live auction on December 3rd, hoping to get an unspecified amount of money from collectors. increase.

Alexis Adler, a former girlfriend who took a lot of pictures of the painter in an apartment on 12th Avenue, said the exhibition is underway with the aim of sharing the heritage and artwork of Jean-Michel Basquiat with the color and community of the community. Is part of the tour. ” It reflects Jean’s cultural heritage. “

“I realized that most museums didn’t realize Jean’s greatness … I feel it’s my responsibility to share the early artwork with the photos,” Adler told The Washington Times. I told you by email.

Many of the photographs have already been exhibited in galleries such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver and the Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Louis.

Adler said it was unpredictable which digitally-enhanced photo would make the most money, but he hoped it would be one of the works that incorporated the performance art we did together in the apartment. I have. “

“These images specifically show different aspects of his artistic ability and genius in performance art, which I was honored to record myself,” she said.

In a statement emailed to the Times, the Bishop Gallery said in the refrigerator in the apartment “an image of Jean watching world events on TV” and “he wore a hairdress on his 1977 birthday.” “Impressive headshots” can be the most exciting for collectors.

“We curated a collection of photographs of Jean-Michel Basquiat before he became the legendary Basquiat,” the gallery statement partially reads.

Authentic Basquiat art has become one of the most popular items in the world of high-end auctions, and the painter’s original photographs are often digitally enhanced and sold to collectors of more discreet means for hundreds of dollars. I am.

Basquiat, who gained fame as a graffiti artist, produced about 1,500 drawings and about 600 paintings, along with sculptures and mixed media works.

At Sotheby’s in May 2017, an “untitled” 1982 painting depicting a black skull with red and yellow streams sold for $ 110.5 million and was the most expensive to buy at auction. It became one of the paintings.

In May of this year, an artist’s skull painting was sold at Christie’s in New York for $ 93.1 million, making it the artist’s second most expensive auction sale.

The Miami Tour continues the post-mortem rehabilitation of Andy Warhol’s close companion painter, who was first panned by art critics in the gallery, and is on display as the “Mascot of Warhol.”

Art historian Michael Lewis, who covers Basquiat at Williams College, said his original photo “as a handsome young man of his prime minister” was “very impressive.”

“He is an influential person with great supporters and represents a kind of anti-institutional art of the 1980s,” Lewis told the Times.

“Ironically, this anti-institutional art is now coveted by museums and galleries that hated him,” he added.

But Lewis also said that Basquiat’s popularity is considered a “commercial phenomenon” caused by “a limited supply of genuine Basquiat works.”

“I don’t think his career will be reassessed and look less monumental than it is today,” he said.

The professor said that Abstract Expressionism in the 1930s tried to keep politics away from art in the era of totalitarianism, but “art on the agenda” revived in the Vietnam War and “has left us ever since. No, “he said.

“It’s the myth of a talented artist who dies at a young age that attracts people to Basquiat. It’s impossible to discuss his art separately from his life,” Lewis said.

Art historian Michael Curtiz, a residence and research fellow at the Washington, DC Classic-Oriented National Civil Arts Association, could eradicate the popularity of Basquiat, a black artist whose early work foresaw the emergence of hip-hop culture. Said there is. Partly because of his political compatibility with the left-handed millionaire who buys expensive art.

Curtis, a former museum curator and professor of art, said Basquiat’s art and photography represent “commodities” that are likely to lose value over time and as politics change again.

“It’s just another game for the wealthy,” he said.

The Miami Gallery exhibits rare photographs of street artist Basquiat

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