The Mets and Yankees were able to put DJ LeMahieu in the position of an enviable free agent

Thanksgiving is coming this week, so DJ LeMahieu has several reasons to be so grateful.

After a positive COVID-19 test before Spring Training 2.0 began in early July, the Yankees’ most complete players rebounded, leading the major with an average of 0.364 in 50 games. LeMahieu’s on-base percentage of .421 and OPS 1.011 were top in the American League and finished third in the ALMVP vote.

In the industry, which lost billions on a fanless 60-game schedule during the regular season, LeMahieu, who turns 33 in July, is one of the few big-money free-agent contracts to be distributed this winter. Can be done.

Steve Cohen signed a deal to own Mets, and suddenly LeMahieu was believed to have a choice in New York.

Finally, Robinson Canó’s 162-game interruption in 2021 season caused Cohen to spend money on free agents in the market, including outfielder George Springer, catcher JT Realmuto, and right-handed Trevor Bauer, due to a drug test failure. It has increased by over $ 20 million.

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Yes, it’s good to be LeMahieu these days as the baseball calendar crawls past Thanksgiving on December 2nd, when the club has to submit a contract to the player to be arbitrated. Due to a loss of revenue — and Hal Steinbrenner said no other team was hit harder than the Yankees after the season — the team wouldn’t bid more players than usual. Players who do not sign a contract on December 2nd are free agents.

LeMahieu, who repeatedly talked about how much he likes to play in New York, rejected Jankes’ $ 18.9 million qualifying offer. LeMahieu would have been signed for the 2021 season if he had accepted it, like Marcus Stroman of the Mets and Kevin Gausman of the Giants.

He is currently looking for a multi-year deal that far exceeds the $ 24 million worth of two-year deal he signed with the Yankees before the 2019 season. According to various reports, LeMahieu is looking for a five-year contract, but if he moves Gleyber Torres to second base, it will probably be a reach for the Yankees, who also have to deal with starting pitchers and perhaps shortstops. Let’s do it.

The Blue Jays are associated with LeMahieu, a young and strengthening team in the American League East.

In addition to being a sensational lead-off hitter, LeMahieu offers infield diversity in that it can be played on first, second and third bases. His return may begin the move from Torres’ short to second. As a result, the Yankees could face MLB home run champion Luke Voit (22) and LeMahieu on first base. Or, if the Yankees still believe Torres is a shortstop that can win, LeMahieu will play second base and Voit will remain pinstripe. LeMahieu won three NL Gold Glove Awards in Colorado in second place.

There is reason to be grateful in the midst of a global epidemic that has changed every course of life. And there are several in LeMahieu.

The Mets and Yankees were able to put DJ LeMahieu in the position of an enviable free agent

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