The list of COVID-19 stimulus scams is growing – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) — Millions of Americans are struggling to pay bills due to a coronavirus pandemic, and hackers are preying on that difficulty with a new text message scam.

As CBS2 Christina fans reported Wednesday, there are warnings about three scams currently prevalent in the tri-state area.

In Washington, there’s talk of paying more stimuli, but politicians aren’t the only ones promising money.

The Internal Revenue Service has warned people about a fake text message promising a $ 1,200 direct deposit from the COVID-19 Treasury Fund.

“Clicking will take you to another website instead of the It will duplicate it. It will look the same,” said Eric Stuerken of credit counseling service Better Qualified.

Coronavirus pandemic

Phishing scams are all the tricks to get personal information, and we’ve added a lot of scams lately, Stuerken said. As you know, people emphasize their weaknesses, look at them, and know that they are keywords. “

Another scam to watch out for? Fake clinical trial.

The Better Business Bureau states that people are receiving text, email, or social media messages and explains that they may be eligible for a COVID-19 study that pays more than $ 1,000. The agency said that when people click on a link, it could download malware to their device.

“You don’t react to anyone. You go to their website and you call,” said Upper West Side resident Devigildin.

“In short, if I didn’t ask for it, I wouldn’t accept it,” added Michael Butler of Harlem.

As the holidays approach, experts warn against charity fraud plans where fraudsters pretend to be real charities or solicit donations using the name of a real organization.

What if I’m the victim of one of these scams? According to experts, it will immediately freeze credits, close infringed bank accounts and closely monitor credits.

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The list of COVID-19 stimulus scams is growing – CBS New York

Source link The list of COVID-19 stimulus scams is growing – CBS New York

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