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The heat wave hits the east coast of the United States and the deep south

On Thursday, dangerously high temperatures threatened much of the northeast and deep south. The huge belt of the country became hot and humid under the heat waves, lasting for several days, and the temperature could skyrocket in the following places: Boston, Small rock When Virginia beach..

As some temperatures approach 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius), millions of Americans stay in the shade of their homes or in air-conditioned offices for comfort, fountains, beaches, or cooling centers. I chilled my body.

The heat is expected to last until the weekend, authorities urge people to look for shelters, and drink plenty of water and become good Samaritans by checking older neighbors for signs of distress. I urged you.

“It gets very hot and humid. Meteorologist James Tomasini, who lives in Uptown New York, hydrates and stays in the shade,” he said.

In the New York City region, temperatures surged again in the 90’s, falling below triple-digit records, but the high humidity in the air makes us feel well above 100 degrees Celsius.

The excessive heat warning issued when the heat index exceeded 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.6 degrees Celsius) for at least two hours in a row was valid in parts of the Deep South and in pockets on the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Extended thermal recommendations along East coastFrom South Carolina to southern Maine.

In Boston, residents and visitors were doing their best to cool down for one-third of the temperatures above 90 degrees Celsius for six days.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu extended the previously announced heat emergency in the city to Sunday, urging residents to use a cooling center and splash pads.

Nancy Cayhill took her young grandson to the New England Aquarium and stopped by one of the Rose Kennedy Greenway’s Splash Pads along the way.

“We are very fortunate to have access to the pool,” said 63-year-old Kay Hill, who lives in Wakefield, about 15 miles north of the city. “We’re lucky because we have air conditioning. People who don’t have it now feel sick.”

Josh Austin and his wife Michelle went down from New Hampshire with their two young daughters to visit the aquarium and enjoy the Splash Pad.

“I’m convinced that there are some aspects of this heat wave that are the result of global warming — higher temperatures over a longer period of time,” said Sustainability Manager Josh, 40. “But I think these warm stretches are also typical of New England’s summer.”

In the Tidewater region of southeastern Virginia, temperatures were expected to reach the mark of almost a century, but humidity pushes the heat index above 105 degrees Celsius, says meteorologist Tim Ginrich.

“People can suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke if they are outdoors for quite some time,” says Gingrich. “You don’t want to be outdoors during the hottest hours of the day.”

Cooling centers have emerged throughout the country’s Swath to provide relief from stuffy heat and high humidity.

The Salvation Army-run community center in Brooklyn, one of the eight facilities of the organization that opened throughout New York City, was so hot that no one was wandering outside, said the facility’s minister. One Captain Jack Tripari said. In the working class neighborhood.

“We are trying to supply them with water and a nice cool place,” he said.

People seeking relief from the heat flowed in sporadically and stayed for about 30 minutes before returning to the heat.

“We have a family that comes with our children. Some people go out to do some errands and feel a little too hot. And they intervene and try to cool down for a moment. There were some elderly people who might have been waiting for the bus for a while, “said Tripari.

This summer is becoming one of the hottest summers on record, not only in the United States, but also in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

In Arkansas, the combination of scorching temperatures and moist air in most of the state has issued warnings about excessive heat. This can cause some people to succumb to heat stroke and other weather-related illnesses.


Calvin reported from New York.

The heat wave hits the east coast of the United States and the deep south

Source link The heat wave hits the east coast of the United States and the deep south

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