The gubernatorial race is steeped in drama as the election draws closer | News

ALBANY — The New York gubernatorial race has emerged as one of the nation’s most-watched contests, with polls showing Republican Lee Zeldin overcoming Democrats’ dominance in registrations and Governor Kathy Hochol. It is shown that it moved to the immediate vicinity of

Before Zeldin’s victory in the Republican primary, some Republican activists wondered whether he would be the strongest candidate the Republicans could take on Hochol.

But as the Nov. 8 election approaches, some Democrats have expressed concern over Ho-chol’s drop in statewide polls.

Two months ago, Hochul, former lieutenant governor of Andrew Cuomo, who stepped down in August 2021, led Zeldin by 24 points in the SurveyUSA poll.

By Thursday, the same poll showed Zeldin narrowing Hochul’s lead to just six points. One candidate has also been confirmed to be Zeldin.

Zeldin’s rise in the polls coincides with national polls showing many voters worried about rampant inflation in the domestic economy and concerned about their own vulnerability to violent crime.

Hochul has been focused on promoting abortion rights support in a state where women’s reproductive decisions were codified in state law three years ago. On Friday, she released a new ad depicting herself as an advocate for public safety. This is a major change in the campaign’s message and is consistent with the growing threat posed by Zeldin.

Luke Perry, a professor of political science at the University of Utica, said the incumbent party could become the target of voter dissatisfaction and encourage outside challengers.

“We’ve seen the Democrats control every major part of New York state government and every major part of the federal government, so Republicans are ready for more enthusiasm,” Perry said. “It is therefore much easier to motivate those who oppose the party they dislike to vote. Then it is much easier to motivate their fellow party members to support their side and try to stay in power.” It’s easy.”

Perry said New York Democrats may be paying the price of gerrymandering legislative and congressional districts during the redistricting process, which could be dismissed in court. .

“I think one party’s majority in state legislatures can create discomfort, but certain movements such as precinct gerrymandering exacerbate that,” he said.

In a clear sign of concern over the latest trends in New York, Democratic Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine said on Friday that New York City Democratic volunteers who have helped campaigns in other states will be sent to a tight New York state. Suggested to pay attention now. race.

Levine tweeted, “Please, channel your energy into New York. The statewide race is very close and we need to focus on Democratic turnout here on the homestretch.”

There’s also renewed Democratic concern about tensions in two northern congressional districts that were once seen as leaning toward Democratic candidates. Spring is being challenged by R-Rockland County Rep. Mike Lawler.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is scheduled to visit Syracuse next Thursday, following the recent selection of a nearby location, along with Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, Democrat-New York State. is. Clay for Micron Technology’s chip manufacturing plant.

Mr. Biden stopped in Poughkeepsie two weeks ago to sabotage a Democratic congressional candidate in the Hudson Valley.

When it comes to the governor’s race, it’s a matter of speculation whether Zeldin can maintain his current pace.

Lee Milingoff, director of polling at Marist University, explained that the momentum in the race itself didn’t spark additional traction.

“It doesn’t mean that momentum will continue or reverse,” Milingoff said.

Zeldin challenged Hochol to multiple debates statewide, at least one of which was in an upstate region. Ho-chul’s camp has agreed to one of his debates scheduled for next Tuesday.

Early voting in New York will begin on October 29. The gubernatorial race is steeped in drama as the election draws closer | News

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