The Giants crashed in reality after suffering a humble defeat to the Cardinals

Anyone wondering what this new and improved version of the Giants will look like can stop wondering and start worrying about the new and improved parts.

“I don’t think I had a hangover since I went to Seattle last week,” said Joe Judge. “I don’t think that’s the cause here. We just came out and didn’t coach enough and didn’t play enough. That’s the difficult truth of it.”

The truth hurts.

Nothing will last forever, but the Giants couldn’t even extend their four-game streak on a calm Sunday in December at MetLife Stadium. And now they add a new question to stretch runs: Is Daniel Jones Reliably Healthy?

A completely ineffective attack with the return of Jones’s complete unexploded ordnance left defense with terrible trouble during the first half. The Giants fell gently 26-7 and were dominated by the visiting Cardinal, too much to overcome.

After all the excitement the Giants created last month, this was a serious downer. After all these close matches this season, this was a one-sided event. The Giants crashed and returned to reality after Colt McCoy killed the Seahawks that hit Jones last week. Jones worked on his tense right hamstring, which looked like a statue, and the Giants often looked rigid.

Evan Engram leaves the field after the Giants lose to the Cardinals.
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“I don’t think I was overconfident,” said linebacker Blake Martinez. “We didn’t play collectively as a team, and if you don’t do that, it’s hard to win.”

This was a debilitating loss for the Giants (5-8) as long as they maintained their slim No. 1 lead in the NFC East. This is probably essential to figuring out how to confuse the Browns or Ravens in the coming weeks in order to make the regular season finale for the Cowboys a meaningful experience, as far as post-season aspirations are concerned.

If Jones’ apparently unhealed tense right hamstring doesn’t improve dramatically, the Giants will soon have a hard time defeating anyone.

“No, I don’t regret playing him. We made a calculated decision based on what he thought he could do as a player,” the judge said.

“No, I don’t regret it,” Jones said. “I felt good enough to play and felt I could do everything I needed and did it throughout the game.”

Two weeks after hurting the hamstring in Cincinnati, Jones came back to it, and it was an ugly return. At the beginning of his career, he never ran with the ball and robbed the giant from an important part of their aggressive weapons. Jones (11, 127 yards on 21) entered for 10 consecutive quarters without a turnover, but lost fumble in the first quarter with former teammate Marcus Golden’s sack. Jones ended up with three fumbles (he lost one of them).

Jones was fired six times, pulled out with 2:34 remaining, and replaced by McCoy, who was fired in his first play. The Giants allowed eight bags and were only in a hurry for 78 yards. They retreated aggressive football with only 10 first downs and a total yard of 159. They were decimated during the period of possession (37:52 to 22:08).

“I think I couldn’t run as usual, but I felt good during the match,” Jones said. “I don’t know if it was too disturbed.”

Jones appeared to be terribly dragging in the second half of the fourth quarter, probably in favor of his left foot. He said he didn’t hurt himself again.

“I had to do a good job of healing it and dealing with Hamee and common bruising by playing the game,” Jones said.

The judge admitted that he thought about Jones’ benching early in the game, not based on injury concerns, but to spark the attack.

Kenyan Drake reaches for a touchdown.
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The Cardinals (7-6) lost three games in a row, dropped a hammer in the opening series in the second half, and Kenyan Drake ran 36 yards and moved 77 yards in 11 plays. When Drake jumped from one yard for a touchdown, it was 20-0 and the Giants had a serious problem.

Cardinals linebacker Harson Redick was a wrecking crew with five sack and three forced fumbles, and dominated Andrew Thomas, the rookie’s left tackle.

The Giants went down 20 and finally broke through in the third quarter. Jones jumped the Golden Tate 39 yards and set up Dion Lewis’s 1-yard touchdown run to 20-7. But that was it.

The defense to sue for crimes because of lack of support was justified. File another proceeding against the special team. The Cardinals in the first half began aggressive ownership on the Giants’ 9-yard line, the Giants’ 36, the Cardinals’ 8, Cardinals’ 47, the Giants’ 21, and the Cardinals 20. It was like a field. It was leaning.

The Cardinals scored 10 points in two Giants turnovers. This includes the first touchdown after Lewis fails on a kickoff return.

“It’s very disappointing for all of us,” Jones said.

The Giants crashed in reality after suffering a humble defeat to the Cardinals

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