The Five Eyes Alliance calls on Hong Kong to revive exiled lawmakers

November 18th – The Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance called on China to reconsider the disqualification of Hong Kong lawmakers last week and accused Asian countries of campaigning to silence their dissent.

A statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Foreign Ministers of Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand said, “We reconsidered their actions against the elected legislature of Hong Kong to the central authorities of China and immediately made them members of the Legislative Council. I urge you to revive it. ”

“For Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity, it is imperative that China and Hong Kong authorities respect the Hong Kong pollster path and express legitimate concerns and opinions.”

The statement was issued after Hong Kong disqualified four democratic lawmakers under a new law allowing the dismissal of civil servants who promoted independence or participated in “non-patriotic” acts.

After the dismissal, the 15 remaining democrats in Hong Kong’s legislative council resigned in protest, causing China’s anger, describing the move as a challenge to its authority.

Five leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Hong Kong government’s July decision to postpone parliamentary elections, as well as the new law and the arrest of several elected members, “to silence all critical voices. It looks like part of a collaborative campaign. “

They said that China’s actions were a “clear breach” of the Soviet-Japanese Joint Declaration, which returned Hong Kong from London to China’s sovereignty in 1997, provided that China maintained a high degree of autonomy in the region for at least 50 years. Said there is.

China has not yet commented on the declaration, but has repeatedly urged other countries commenting on Hong Kong’s treatment, especially the United States, to stop interfering with domestic affairs.

China’s enforcement of the new law last week followed the enforcement of strict national security legislation in Hong Kong, which has received widespread criticism from Western nations and rights groups.

The Five Eyes Alliance calls on Hong Kong to revive exiled lawmakers

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