The first homeless residential hotel was approved by Crocker Amazon,

The southernmost hotels in San Francisco aren’t that long.Crocker-Amazon Mission inApproximately 2000 feet from the Daily City border on Mission Street, Four hotels the city hall has proposed to buy homeless homes.. And at a supervisory board meeting on Tuesday night, 52 homes aimed at hitting the city’s homelessness problem with a $ 17.34 million purchase cost were the first to be approved for that purpose. It became a thing.

“This is a moral obligation of our time and to act as aggressively as possible to accommodate those in need of supportive housing,” said district supervisor Ahsha Safai, including Mission Inn. Stated. He praised the move as “a positive use of what COVID handed us in the slump in the real estate market.”

The facility was already used as a temporary housing throughout the pandemic, where several formerly homeless veterans were housed through the Swords to Plowshares program. Tenant rents aren’t completely free, but have been significantly reduced, and Saffy added that buying these hotels costs half as much as building an affordable home of the same type. ..

He also said: pursuit of happiness It was taken at this place. Even Hollywood has realized the value of using this place to emphasize how important it will be to our city in the future. “

There are three other hotels to be approved as homeless homes in the legislative pipeline. The board will vote next week for approval of the Yura Hotel on 16th Avenue and Mission Street. Approved by subcommittee There is little opposition.

But others are facing a much tougher outlook.Proposed purchase of panoramic apartments on 9th Avenue and Mission Street generated Tons of blowbacks in the neighborhood, This may or may not prevent subcommittee approval. Wednesday Budget and Finance Committee Meeting.. (((update: Approved. )

And the proposed city purchase of Kimpton Buchanan Hotel in Japantown Seems dead At this point, even Dean Preston, the district’s supervisor, is usually an avid supporter of supportive housing. Call for purchase of another hotel Instead.

Time is important when buying these hotels.The city must purchase them by the end of 2021 in order to be redeemed through the state Project home key program.. They can still apply to get a refund for hotel purchases in 2022, but that refund isn’t certain next year, and the city will absorb more significant costs while accommodating fewer people. May become.

For Mission-In, approval requires the expertise of a second approval at the Board next week and the signature of Mayor Breed. Both of these are natural conclusions. On Tuesday night, the board unanimously approved and Breed himself proposed the purchase. She will sign the law and the city will buy and remodel the facility.

So if Mission Inn is no longer a hotel, what would it be to be the southernmost hotel in San Francisco?That distinction goes to Mirage Inn & Sweets It is located at 2600 Sloat Boulevard, directly opposite the San Francisco Zoo.

The first homeless residential hotel was approved by Crocker Amazon,

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