The final stage of construction of the Upper Market Street Safety Project begins

Construction at the final stage of Upper Market Street Safety Project The project aims to improve the safety and comfort of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers on Upper Market Street between Octavia Boulevard and Castro Street.

TheĀ· Final stage Divided into two segments along Market Street, starting between 14th Avenue and Octavia Boulevard, followed by the Castro to 14th Avenue segment in early 2022.

At the beginning of this spring Esquivel Grading & Paving, Inc. I was awarded a contract to complete the final construction phase of the project.

Esquivel Grading & Paving workers complete the survey before construction begins on July 1. | Photo: Stephen Bracco / Foodline

The project is expected to be completed by June 2022 and is funded by the Market-Octavia Developer Impact Fee, San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA). Prop K Sales tax revenues, state grants, and other local sources.

Foodline readers will remember this $ 10 million project long time no see, A few months later Meeting, presentation,and Open house..

Market between Octavia and Castro Identified as a highly injured corridor Under the city Vision zero A plan aimed at eliminating traffic fatalities by 2024.

The final capital investment of the project in the Upper Market Street Corridor includes the following factors:

Instead of temporary paint, valve outs will be installed on 16th Avenue and Noe Street. | Photo: Stephen Bracco / Foodline

Sidewalk extensions, more commonly referred to as valve outs, and ADA accessibility upgrades include 17th and Noe, 16th and Noe, 15th and Sanchez, 14th, Dolores Street, Laguna Street and Guerrero Street. It takes place at seven intersections, including Octavia. At the central freeway ramp.

“Curve extensions (also known as valve outs) extend sidewalks to parking lanes, narrowing the roadway and providing additional pedestrian space in key locations,” he explains. SF Better Street.. “Curve extensions increase pedestrian safety by increasing pedestrian visibility, shortening crossing distances, slowing vehicles that turn around, and visually narrowing the roadway.”

Traffic lights will also be overhauled at the intersection of 16th Avenue and Noe Street, as well as Laguna Street and Guerrero Street. New traffic lights will be installed on the Hermann and Laguna street approaches to Market Street.

Valveouts will also be located on 14th Avenue and Market Street. | Photo: Stephen Bracco / Foodline

Signal and phase changes are also made on Octavia Boulevard, 15th Avenue, and Castro Avenue.

Originally included in the project, turn restrictions at the intersection of Noe Street and Sanchez Street are excluded. There will be a left turn restriction from 16th Sttreet to the south of the market and a change to the intersection of Hermann and Laguna streets.

Bicycle safety improvements are made along the market by widening and straightening the bike path eastward on McCopin and Central Freeway and westward on Laguna and Buchanan streets.

Physical protection is installed along the northbound bike path along the Octavia on Market Street. A new sidewalk bike rack and enclosure will also be installed.

The median is improved. | Photo: Stephen Bracco / Foodline

The expansion of the outbound boarding platform will improve transit access on Laguna Street.

To improve the cityscape along the corridors, replace trees, a new median strip along Guerrero Street, upright palm trees in the median strip, at the intersection of Fifteenth Avenue and Sanchez Avenue, Hermann Avenue and Laguna Avenue. Includes a decorative pedestrian crossing, an extension of the Rainbow Honor Walk.

Custom “hope-themed” MUNI railings and bike racks, utility box public art will also be possible after a successful contractor bid.

Safety improvements were previously made at the intersection of Castro, Market and 17th Avenue. | Photo: Stephen Bracco / Foodline

Earlier this year, the SFMTA crew completed safety improvements at the Castro, Market, and 17th Avenue intersections. New stanchions and roadway stripes have been added to protect pedestrians on westbound bike lanes and pedestrian crossings and slow down vehicle turning speeds. Traffic calming measures will be added to 17th Avenue, and a new mid-block pedestrian crossing to Pink Triangle Park will be added during the second phase of construction.

In addition, last month SFMTA added a new protected left turn signal phase for the westbound market to the southbound Castro.

Pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles in the area are scheduled to be constructed from 7 am to 3 pm on weekdays. A temporary “No Parking / Wrecker Movement” sign may also be posted to notify you 72 hours in advance. A detour may also be required to complete the task.

The final stage of construction of the Upper Market Street Safety Project begins

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