The EU is planning new rules that give Europeans more control over their data

London (AP)-The European Union is trying to counter the power of high-tech companies in the United States and China, and is setting new standards for data that will give Europeans more control over their personal information.

On Wednesday, the EU Executive Committee proposed new rules on the handling of data aimed at giving people, businesses and government agencies the confidence to share information in the European data market.

The proposed law provides a way to share industrial and government data (usually off limits for intellectual property rights, commercial confidentiality, or privacy rights) to support society or boost the economy. I will explain in detail. Block’s strict privacy rules will continue to apply and introduce mechanisms to maintain confidentiality or anonymity.

The goal is to drive innovation in areas such as healthcare and climate change by making it easier to share data with businesses and researchers.

Individuals can choose to donate their data for altruistic reasons. For example, a person with a rare disease provides medical researchers with health information. Alternatively, you can allow paid access and use of the service. The new rules could pose a challenge to big tech companies like Google and Facebook that are currently making billions of dollars in using data to sell advertising and other services.

Known as the Digital Governance Act, this proposal calls for increasing confidence in data sharing by setting up a new system that includes a neutral and reliable broker that acts as a data pool broker.

Europeans will have more control over their data through a “personal data space” with tools and services that allow them to determine who can access their data for what purpose.

“This framework provides a model that replaces the current data processing practices offered by the Big Tech platform,” EU Vice President Marguerite Vestager said at a press conference in Brussels.

The EU’s domestic market commissioner, Thierry Breton, said the regulation would help Europe become the world’s number one “data continent.”

“The role of industrial data in our economy is expanding, and Europe needs an open yet sovereign single market for data,” he said.

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The EU is planning new rules that give Europeans more control over their data

Source link The EU is planning new rules that give Europeans more control over their data

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