The DHS Draft plans to allow fraudsters to maintain citizenship

Homeland Security distributes proposals to significantly reduce the sector’s attempts to deprive fraudulently naturalized people of citizenship.

According to the draft the Washington Times saw, the notes are from the Secretary Alejandro Mallorcus He tells the heads of the three immigration bureaus that the department is afraid that people may not apply for citizenship because they are worried about losing it in the future.

“Naturalized citizens deserve finality and security in their citizenship rights,” the memo said. “Departmental policy must not cause chilling effects or barriers to legal permanent residents seeking naturalization.”

Degeneration is part of federal law. It requires a court order and can be done as a result of a criminal or civil proceeding.

According to this memo, the ministry should limit itself to cases of national security threats, major felony offenses such as convictions of sex crimes and human rights abusers, or fraud “with aggravating factors.”

The current case that the department is already pursuing may be canceled under the new draft memo.

This memo seems to be aimed at unleashing the impetus for the Trump era to discover and revoke the citizenship of misapproved people.

Robert Loe, the Trump administration’s head of policy for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Department, said the wording of the memo was very limited, meaning “no one pursues a civil denaturalization case.” rice field.

“This policy says Mallorcus says citizenship is really meaningless and immigration fraud will be rewarded,” said Law, who is now responsible for regulatory issues and policy at the Immigration Research Center.

The Department of Homeland Security did not respond to a request for comment this week.

Notes without dates are marked as “Draft” and “Official Use Only”. Mr. Law said it was circulated and is currently awaiting a decision from him. Mallorcus..

It targets the USCIS, Customs and Border Protection, and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department, which together form the backbone of a country’s immigration services.

This memo does not ban alteration cases, but whether fake citizens had lawyers at the time, whether they had families relying on them, or whether they had “medical problems”, etc. , Imposing a list of criteria for getting rid of the case.

The proposal is unlikely to stop denaturalization efforts against major human rights abusers and war criminals, such as those originating in the former Yugoslavia.

Instead, it may protect the more common case of fake citizenship.

Still, the actual efforts to deprive citizenship are relatively rare, with an average of only about 12 cases per year in Bush and Obama. According to the National Immigration Forum, it increased to at least 30 in 2017.

It followed a 2016 inspector general’s report identifying hundreds of people who were previously deported, sneaked in, and granted citizenship under a new identity.

USCIS missed the case flagging because the fingerprint card from the US Immigration and Customs Office, an exile agency, was still in paper form and had not been checked.

After the Inspector General’s investigation, USCIS conducted a broader review and found more cases.

In 2018, the agency established a denaturalization task force in Los Angeles, and the agency’s then director hoped that “potentially thousands of incidents” would be sent to the Justice Department for denaturalization. Said that.

In 2020, the Justice Ministry announced a new section dedicated to non-naturalization cases.

Immigrant advocates are on both the Department of Homeland Security Task Force and the Department of Justice section, and if Mr. Mallorcus Do you approve the new proposal? he Will meet their demands.

These supporters are encouraging illegal immigrants to be self-sufficient and refocusing on USCIS enforcement as part of the “invisible wall” that limits the capacity of illegal immigrants during the Trump administration. I’m catching.

But Mr. Law said that only those who shouldn’t have had it in the first place need to be afraid of alteration.

In fact, the Obama administration has begun to increase its denaturalization efforts, and some of the key players in the new proposal have participated in those previous efforts.

It includes Mr. MallorcusUr Jaddou, Head of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, and new USCIS Director, was also in the agency as Chief Advisor from 2014 to 2017.

At this year’s confirmation hearing, she was asked if she would support the work of the Trump-era non-naturalization task force, she said she hadn’t been in office for four years and “needs to be carefully considered and evaluated.” He said he ignored the question. USCIS findings and actions since 2017. “

Still, Jadu said in a lengthy interview with WNYC’s “takeout” program in 2018 that he expressed concern to the Task Force and was part of Trump’s efforts to scare potential new things. I was able to keep up with this issue while I was away. Citizen.

“My concern is why all the announcements. What’s the problem? Why are you doing this publicly now?” She said in an interview.

Mr. Biden said the Biden team had already hollowed out a task force set up to track incidents resulting from the inspector general’s investigation. He said the Los Angeles office was vacant and all staff were relocated.

The Washington Times has contacted USCIS about Mr. Jadu’s past comments on the Task Force situation and denaturalization.

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The DHS Draft plans to allow fraudsters to maintain citizenship

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