The COVID-19 vaccine may reach the state by mid-December.Senator Kelly Loeffler retests negatives

November 22 – The chief adviser of the Trump administration’s Warpspeed Operational Vaccine Development Program said on Sunday that the COVID-19 vaccine could be sent to the state by mid-December.

Republican Kelly Loeffler, who was leaked on January 5 to maintain a appointed U.S. Senate in Georgia, said more than 12 million Americans were the first to test positive for coronavirus. One person, but another test was inconclusive and PCR results were retested overnight. I’m back in the negative.

Dr. Monsef Slawi told CNN Trade union status Viral vaccines may begin delivery shortly after being approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

“Our plan is to be able to ship the vaccine to the vaccination site within 24 hours of approval, so we probably expect it on December 11th or 12th, the second day after approval,” he said. Said.

US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech requested an emergency permit from the FDA on Friday and began distributing millions of vaccines. The two companies say this is 95% effective.

Slawi told NBC News Meet the press The Immunization Implementation Advisory Board should determine who will have priority to receive the first dose of the vaccine when the vaccine is first available.

“It is very likely that it is a health care worker, a primary care worker, a very high-risk individual, the elderly, or a person with comorbidities. It has already been identified by each state and health ministry wishing for the vaccine. I found it. ”

According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, 177,552 new cases and 1,448 new deaths were reported on Saturday in the United States, with 256,638 deaths and 12,207,135 infections on Sunday, the world’s leading virus. It is increasing rapidly.

Republican Senator Leffler gave inconsistent test results.

“The previously inconclusive PCR results of Senator Leffler were retested overnight and the results were thankfully returned to negative,” campaign spokesman Stephen Lawson said in a statement to CNN. .. However, “I hope that with great care, we will continue to self-quarantine, repeat the retests, and get a series of negative test results.”

Lawson said Leffler was showing no symptoms.

A spokesman for Vice President Mike Pence said he was waiting for Leffler’s “confirmation test” after campaigning in Georgia on Friday for a spill campaign to keep the Senate seat with her. ..

“While he is waiting for a confirmation test from Senator Leffler, Vice President Pence is in regular consultation with the White House Medical Unit and follows the CDC guidelines as in any other situation he was in close contact with. Probably, “said spokesman Devin O’Mary. I told CNN.

California led the nation with 1,102,033 cases after adding 14,319 on Sunday, adding 33 new deaths, for a total of 18,676. This is the third in the country.

A few days after Governor Gavin Newsom announced a curfew on Thursday for nearly 95% of the population, Los Angeles County said it would stop eating all outdoors at 10 pm Wednesday.

The county’s public health department has issued a curfew for three weeks if the average number of cases over a five-day period is 4,500 or more, or if hospitalizations exceed 2,000 a day, and mandatory and urgent workers and mandatory workers. Warned that only allowed. Service to leave home.

“We hope that individuals will continue to support restaurants, breweries and wineries by ordering takeaways and deliveries,” Barbara Ferrer, director of public health at the county, said in a statement.

Texas added 8,554 cases on Sunday, followed just behind California with 1,094,275 infectious diseases, adding 89 deaths, making the death toll the second highest in the country at 20,556.

Florida, in third place, reported 6,586 new cases on Sunday, for a total of 938,414, with 61 deaths, the fourth highest death toll in the United States at 18,214.

After reporting 10,012 new cases on Sunday, Illinois ranked fourth in the country with 656,298 and added 76 new deaths, bringing a total of 11,506 to sixth.

After adding 30 new deaths on Sunday, New York held the highest number of deaths in the country at 26,357 and added 596,214 cases, the fifth highest in the country, for a total of 5,391 cases. The total death toll in the state, including potential ones, is 34,300.

The COVID-19 vaccine may reach the state by mid-December.Senator Kelly Loeffler retests negatives

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