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The Clinton Global Initiative has been reopened to address urgent needs

The Clinton Foundation In September of this year, we are planning another Clinton Global Initiative, a gathering that attracts the attention of business, political and philanthropic leaders. New YorkAccording to a letter from the former president Bill Clinton It was sent to Foundation supporters on Friday.

The initiative, which began its annual meeting in 2005 and boasts speakers ranging from former President Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter to celebrity philanthropists such as Bono and Ben Affleck, was the former Senate of Hillary Clinton in 2016. It ended in the presidential election of a member of the Diet. A potential conflict of interest if the donor does business before the Hillary Clinton administration.

Bill Clinton said he would like to revive the initiative because of the urgent need for “cooperation and coordination” as the initiative created. “The COVID-19 pandemic has masked long-standing inequality and vulnerabilities throughout our global community,” Bill Clinton wrote in a letter on Friday. “The threat of the existence of climate change is increasing every day. Democracy is being assaulted all over the world, most notably Ukraine Russia has launched an unjust and unprovoked aggression, putting millions of lives at serious risk. “

Clinton said the meeting, which will be held at the same time as the UN General Assembly in September, is likely to look different than in the past, probably in connection with new health and security concerns. But he hopes that the spirit of cooperation it has nurtured will return.

“Around the world, people seem to be separated from people different from themselves. They put our future at greater risk, making it difficult to solve challenges and seize the opportunities at hand.”

According to the Foundation, more than 3,700 projects and partnerships have emerged from the Clinton Global Initiative, transforming the lives of more than 435 million people in more than 180 countries.

“The challenges our world faces today are tough, but CGI has always focused on what we can do, not what we can’t do,” Clinton wrote. “And by bringing together diverse partners to take action and achieve real results, we can create a culture of potential in a hope-hungry world.”


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The Clinton Global Initiative has been reopened to address urgent needs

Source link The Clinton Global Initiative has been reopened to address urgent needs

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