The Castro Theater & Another Planet Entertainment

The Castro Theater When Another planet entertainment (APE) has announced plans to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the historic theater.

The plan will include a week-long screening featuring iconic films from June 3rd to 12th, every 10 years in the history of the Castro Theater.The screening ticket is Currently on sale..

In addition, a day of the movie shot in San Francisco will be screened to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the theater’s debut on June 22, 1922.

Opening night at the Castro Theater on June 22, 1922. | Photo: OpenSF History

“Ownership of the Castro Theater remains an honor and privilege of my family,” said Steve Nasser, co-owner of the Castro Theater. “It is a great pleasure and a pleasure to reopen after two years of COVID forced closure and work with the best and most sensitive local producer, Another Planet Entertainment.”

Nacelle and Elaine Nacelle Padian are the third generation of the company’s family, founded by grandfather Abraham and his sons, who conceived and built the Castro Theater in 1922.

Architect Timothy Pfluger designed a Spanish Baroque building, updated in the 1930s with Art Deco marquee, sunburst chandeliers and neon signs.

The Castro Theater was officially designated as San Francisco’s Landmark # 100 on September 3, 1977.Earlier this week, District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman Proposed updates and enhancements The breakthrough status of the movie.

For classic movies to be screened, The Lodger, Night at the Opera, The Lady from Shanghai, Casablanca, From Here to Eternity, Some Like it Hot, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Star Wars: A New Hope, The Godfather, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Casino, The Birdcage.

Photo: Stephen Bracco / Foodline

The latest releases to be screened include: Iron Man, Countryless for the Elderly, Black Panther, Bohemian Rhapsody.

The San Francisco-themed films to be screened on June 22 are: San Francisco, Mrs. Doubtfire, Dirty Harry, Saddon Fear, Brit.. (See below for a complete list of upcoming movies).

What is strikingly missing from the list of films during this celebration is Gus Van Sant’s 2008 Academy Award-winning biography. milk. APE spokesman David Perry told Hoodline that the film will be screened at a later date. “We are planning a special screening of’milk’as a fundraiser for a local LGBT nonprofit,” Perry said.

Earlier this year, Another Planet Entertainment Take over programming Ownership remains with the Nacelle family and Bay Property, but will overhaul the theater.

The Castro Theater under construction in 1922. | Photo: OpenSF History

“Castro is more than just a theater,” said Mary Conde, senior vice president of Another Planet, who oversees the entire Castro Theater project. “The LGBTQ touchstone, movie enthusiast icon, community landmark, and architectural jewel Castro are unique. Another Planet restores Castro as the home of everything we’ve come to love about Castro. We are honored to refurbish, rejuvenate and expand our audience. “

Proposed refurbishment Includes removing orchestra-level seats and replacing them with four-tiered sections of the platform with removable seats. Remove the shop in the lobby area. Expansion of women’s toilets. Ventilation and electrical system improvements. You can also add an elevator with access from the lobby level to the second floor.

Neighbors continue to have doubts and concerns about the future of the historic theater. Earlier this year, APE CEO and co-founder Greg Perloff addressed some of these concerns. Interview with Hoodline..

Friday, June 3rd: (10 years of the 1920s)

Oh Doctor (2:45 pm)

Zoro’s mark (4:30 pm)

To Singapore (6 pm)

Lodger (7:45 pm)

Sunrise (9:45 pm)

Saturday, June 4th: (10 years of the 1930s)

Bright Eyes (10:30 am)

I’m sorry (1 pm)

Shinman (2:45 pm)

Robin Hood’s Adventure (4:45 pm)

Female (7 pm)

Night at the Opera (9:30 pm)

Sunday, June 5: (10 Years of the 1940s and Special Family Feature)

The Lion King (10:30 am)

Philadelphia Story (2:30 pm)

Shanghai woman (5 pm)

Mild red earrings (7 pm)

Casablanca (9:30 pm)

Monday, June 6 (10 years of the 1950s)

From here to forever (4 pm)

People who like hot weather (6:30 pm)

All About Eve (9:15 pm)

Tuesday, June 7 (10 years of the 1960s)

Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid (2:00 pm)

The man who shot Liberty Valence (4:30 pm)

Breakfast at Tiffany & Co. (7 pm)

Magnificent 7 (9:30 pm)

Wednesday, June 8 (10 years of the 1970s)

Star Wars: New Hope (4 pm)

Chinatown (6:30 pm)

The Godfather (9:20 pm)

Thursday, June 9 (10 years of the 1980s)

Lost Ark Raider (4 pm)

Amadeus (6:30 pm)

Blade Runner (9:20 pm)

Friday, June 10 (10 years of the 1990s)

Casino (1 pm)

Rush hour (4:30 pm)

American Beauty (6:45 pm)

Birdcage (9:30 pm)

June 11th (Sat) (10 years of the 2000s)

Iron Man (1 pm)

Royal Tenenbaum (4 pm)

There is no country for old people (7:00 pm)

June 12 (Sun) (10 years of the 2010s)

Black Panther (1 pm)

A star is born (3:50 pm)

Bohemian Rhapsody (6:30 pm)

Once upon a time in Hollywood (9:15 pm)

Wednesday, June 22 (actual release date of 1922) A movie shot in San Francisco

San Francisco (10:30 am)

Mrs. Doutfire (1 pm)

Dirty Harry (3:30 pm)

Sudden fear (6 pm)

Brit (8:15 pm)

The Castro Theater & Another Planet Entertainment

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