The best candle scent for summer: the best scented candle 2021

I found all the best candle scents that are perfect for summer. Observer Julia Cherruault

Summer has come and I changed into winter apparel. For your favorite warm weather outfit, It’s time to give your home a little seasonal update too. One of the best (and easiest!) Ways to liven up your interior and adjust the mood of your home is to light a scented candle, as the new scent can completely change the mood. ..

During the summer, it is advisable to choose a chic votive tablet that blends in with the interior. Bright and sunny day outside.. Even if you spend hours at your desk in a small apartment, you can quickly light a candle that will change your mood. Bring you to a whole new place..

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So even if you have to skip On a trip to Italy this summer, The scent of the Amalfi Coast can be submerged in the living room.Missing That big beach weekend?? Just light your favorite sea salt and coconut votive tablet. Don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed by the many candle choices. This summer you can find all the best, most luxurious and aromatic boogie at home. Check out our favorite candles of the season below.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

Maison Francis Curque Jean Anouche scented candle

The Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrance is undoubtedly, but this particular rose and plum candle, inspired by the memories of my grandmother’s rose petal jam perfumer, is especially nice in the summer. $ 85, Neiman Marcus..


Apotake Candy Store Candle

The scent of this dedication of coconut, vanilla, patchouli and amber is in the most beautiful iridescent rainbow bowl. $ 38, Apotheek..

Cire Trudon

Cire Trudon Salta Candle

Cire Trudon is one of the oldest candle makers in the world and has the most luxurious votive offerings today. All candles are so chic, but we love the unexpected citrus floral grapefruit scent for these warm days. $ 40, Cire Trudon..

Hotel collection.

Hotel Collection Sweetest Taboo Candle

Vanilla loves how to warm pomegranate and peony notes with this extravagant scent. $ 39.95, Hotel collection..

Carrière Frères.

Carrière Frères Orange Blossom

This orange blossom bougie is perfect for these hot summer months. $ 54, Carrière Frères..


Aroma Malibu Candle

Do you dream of the beautiful days of Malibu? This fresh, citrus scent is inspired by California’s beach town, with a pleasant scent of mandarina, lime, lemon, coconut and wood. $ 28, Arome..


Literie I have a house in the Hamptons candles

When you light a candle with this cheeky name, the room is filled with the essentially summer scent of rosé and melon. That beach weekend Return to everyday life and smell. $ 35, Literie..

Nomad Noed.

Tasmanian Sea Salt and Coconut Candle Nomad Nomad Pioneer

If all you want is that your home feels like forever Perfect warm day on the beach (And to be honest, this is all we’ve ever wanted), and illuminates this dreamy votive tablet with the scent of sea salt, coconut and laurel. $ 65, Nomad Noe..

Olivia Palermo x Sicily Hill.

Olivia Palermo x Sicily Hill Citrus Blossom Candle

Inspired by the new summer of Olivia Palermo and Sicily Hill, the candles create the most beautiful bouquet of lemons, peony and white flowers. $ 69, Sicily Hill..

L’or de Seraphine

L’or de Seraphine Whitby Candle

Bring the ocean to life with this beautiful beach-inspired candle with sea salt, purple and vetiver notes in a chic wave-like ship. $ 40, L’Or De Seraphine..

Acqua di Parma.

Acqua di Parma Bull Mediterraneo Ficodia Amalfi Candle

Can’t get To Italy This summer? You can imagine relaxing on the Amalfi Coast thanks to this candle, which is a mixture of bergamot, Italian, grapefruit, jasmine, figs and cedarwood. $ 75, Saks Fifth Avenue..

Soaked naturally.

Naturally soaked Juneteenth scandle

Founder Jamila Powell has created this Juneteenth candle with bergamot, citrus, cherry, jasmine and amber scents, symbolizing the past and future of your home. $ 18.65, Naturally soaked..

Area home.

Area candle # One

If you like the smoky scent, you’ll love this citrus, oakmoss and vetiver candle. $ 70, Area home..


Diptyque fragrance candle

Citronella candles are a must-have during the mosquito-filled summer, but the scent is not always the most aromatic. Fortunately, the French fragrance house Diptyque has released a new citronella oil of the season with a lovely scent of lemongrass, verbena, neroli and orange blossoms. Now you can repel the bug, but in a cute way. $ 68, Diptyque..

Urban apothecary.

Urban Apothecary London Fig Tree

Fig is one of our reliable candle fragrances, regardless of the season, and we love how to mix it with coconut, violet and cedar wood here. $ 52, Cie Luxe..


Aromatic Fresh Hydrorange Cube Glass Candle

Is there anything typically * summer * than fresh hydrangea? There is no such thing as a beautiful blue flower landscape that borders a seaside rubble house, but even if you can’t make it to the beach, there with this flower hydrangea candle with hints of watermelons, roses and green hyacinths. You can pretend to be in, geranium, lily, bergamot, oak moss. $ 23.50, Aromatic..

The smell of a boy.

Boys Melpride Extra Veil Candle

If you like the scent of fresh candles, enjoy this mint, fig, daffodil, cypress, juniper berry, tarragon and basil scented offering in a sparkling green bowl. Buying candles also helps support good reasons, as the brand donates 10% of its sales to The Trevor Project. $ 39, Boy smell..

The best scented candles you need at home this summer

The best candle scent for summer: the best scented candle 2021

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