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The “awakened” director resigns a few days after signing the new contract

Reportedly, the director of an awakened school in a vibrant area of ​​Connecticut resigned a few days after agreeing to a new $ 225,000 contract.

Leidel Harrison Announced his resignation The district, which featured Easton and Reading in a Friday letter, blamed “many unique challenges” and wondered if the job was “perfect for me.”

Less than two weeks after he agreed to the new contract to stay for another two years, he had a generous benefit in addition to his annual salary of $ 225,000. Connecticut Post said..

He had played that role for only a decade, but had already faced a series of splitting statements and demands for resignation from school policy, Outlet pointed out.

In January, he made a fuss in a Facebook post after the siege of the Capitol, which many took as an attack on those who supported then-President Donald Trump.

“Look for your soul and ask if your words, silence, actions or omissions have helped in any way to pave the way for the Confederate flag to be waved in our Capitol,” he said. I read the post. News-Times Report At the time.

“You are a conspirator in favor of domestic terrorism,” he said of those who shared Trump’s beliefs.

When Harrison faced a call to resign, a resident, Roy Barker, asked him during the meeting.

Harrison caused further anger when he introduced what was recently approved. Survey on diversity, fairness and inclusiveness For students, parents and staff.

“I think investigating gender identity and sexual orientation in 11-year-old students is beyond the boundaries and challenges,” said Mike Hoffman, a member of the district who voted against it. Is I told News-Times Early this month.

Harrison didn’t elaborate on the particular “unique challenges” that led to his resignation, but many parents weren’t surprised he was going.

“He should have kept his personal politics and strong liberal idealism in himself,” Sandy Welsh wrote. One Connecticut Facebook Group He discussed his resignation in an anti-Trump tilade, saying he had “alienated half of his family.”

“But he can’t. He’s much smarter than us and woke up like never before,” David Voorhees replied to Wales.

“Good mess. Now we need a director and a board that respects education, not indoctrination,” Voorhees writes. However, some argued that it was a “big loss” that the “jewel”, the “great leader,” was gone.

For many, Harrison was known for him “Song on a snowy day” Justin Timberlake’s “I Can’t Stop Feeling!” Rework It gave him some virus infamy and appearances in “Good Morning America”.

“I decided not to keep moving forward as a director, but to pursue non-environmental opportunities from traditional kindergarten to high school, so that all students without a passion for education and a heavy burden on district administration. Harrison said in his statement without elaboration.

According to the Connecticut Post, the district will hold a special meeting on Wednesday to discuss his successor.

The “awakened” director resigns a few days after signing the new contract

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