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The AOC dispels concerns about the surge in crime in New York as “hysteria.”

None of these shootings that New Yorkers have recently panicked are different from what’s happening in the AOC’s backyard — well, they are.

Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was angry at his dismissal on Tuesday Concerns about a surge in crime As “hysteria”.

Bronx-Queens is a far-left progressive and self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist fellow, freshman U.S. Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D, Bronx, Westchester), routinely mentioned by her initial AOC. Said during a zoom chat with.

“You can see these headlines about increasing percentages,” said Ocasio-Cortez. Tourists photographed in the middle of the day With Times Square Kids ducking for a cover Gangster members shot each other at Bronx, making it just criminal statistics.

“Now I would like to say that no amount of harm is tolerable and too much. But I am also responsible for this hysteria not causing hysteria and what we allocate in that context. I would like to make sure that I see these numbers in context so that I can make a decision. “

Shooting scene at Times Square.
A tourist was shot behind midday outside the Marriott Hotel in Times Square.
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On Tuesday, the Fraternal Order of Police said a prominent progressive lawmaker “loud the quiet part: the story is more important to her than people’s lives.”

“Rejecting #CrimeCrisis across the country, saying it’s just’hysteria’, it’s the textbook #Gaslighting,” the group said. Tweet..

“@AOC, those” percentage increases “are mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. “

Numbers posted by FOP Shows a significant increase Murder rates in various cities this year have increased compared to the same period two years ago, including 50% in New York City, 66% in Philadelphia, 44% in Atlanta and 33% in Chicago.

Shooting scenes at Times Square on 45th and 7th Avenues.
The Fraternal Order of Police has accused Congressman Ocasio Cortez of implying that “the story is more important to her than the lives of the people.”
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Meanwhile, Portland, Oregon— Was attacked by a riot According to the FOP, following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year, murders have surged 138% since 2019 and 533% from last year.

Ocasio Cortez’s comment Post online Sunday, the same day there was a newlywed American Marine Injured by drifting bullets Mark the second such incident in the last two months at Times Square.

US Rep. Nicole Mario Takis (Brooklyn Republican Staten Island) has blown up Ocasio Cortez as a “hypocrite.”

“It’s easy for AOC to say … she’s roaming with security details while trying to deny the police protection of her members on our streets and subways,” Mario Takis said. Tweet..

Glenn Greenwald.
Glenn Greenwald called Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez “not in private security” and “mocking the general public.”
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Other critics include Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, and Ocasio Cortez, a proponent of the “police refund” movement, instead voted “now” in parliament. “We acted to secure spending of more than $ 2 billion,” he told Capitol Police. “No” of the bill that passed the House 213-212 votes last month.

“The AOC is ridiculing the” hysterical “general people who fear violent crimes in their neighborhood. Unlike her, they are people who do not have the scope of private security, “said Greenwald. Tweet..

The AOC dispels concerns about the surge in crime in New York as “hysteria.”

Source link The AOC dispels concerns about the surge in crime in New York as “hysteria.”

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