The AlleyWatch Startup Daily Funding Report: March 10, 2023 – AlleyWatch

Latest Venture Capital, Seed, Pre-Seed, and Angel Agreements for NYC Startups March 10, 2023 Includes Funding Details for Masttro, Proven and More. This page will be updated throughout the day to reflect new funding.

Mastro – $43 million

Masttro, a wealth data platform that analyzes net worth by aggregating and analyzing liquid and illiquid investments and liabilities, has raised $43 million in venture funding led by FTV Capital. Masttro was founded in 2010 by Javier M Gutierrez.

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Actual – $15.8 million

Proven, a proof of solvency platform for the crypto industry, has raised $15.8 million in seed funding led by Framework Ventures. Proven was founded in 2022 by Richard Dewey, Agustin Lebron and Craig Newbold.

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Fintent – ​​$265,000

Fintent, a private company intelligence platform for raising and deal making, has raised $265,000 in funding, according to recent SEC filings. Filings show this round is from five investors. Fintent was founded by Aleksandr Lukashov in 2022. The AlleyWatch Startup Daily Funding Report: March 10, 2023 – AlleyWatch

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