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The $ 20 million construction project aims to protect Nassau County from floods and storm surges.

Nassau County, Long Island (WABC)-Nassau County executive Laura Curran joined state officials on Tuesday and many construction initiatives designed to protect thousands of South Shore homes and businesses from storm surges and storm surges. Was announced.

Five flood prevention and resilience projects aim to dampen the effects of climate change apparent in the historic and deadly floods caused by the wreckage of Hurricane Ida.

“Building infrastructure safer, stronger and smarter before the next disaster is a top priority,” says Karan. “These investments in infrastructure enhancements help protect thousands of lives and millions of dollars worth of assets. Cathy has provided the county with the resources needed for these important projects.・ Thank you to Governor Hokuru and Governor’s Office for Storm Recovery.

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At Silver Lake Park, construction is underway to reinforce the viewing area with brick pavement, reinforce the coastline with bulkheads and natural rocks and vegetation, and raise existing surrounding sidewalks.

At the southern end of the lake, self-regulating tide gates will be installed to regulate water flow and prevent storm surges from invading and flooding the surrounding area. The project costs about $ 1.95 million and is expected to be completed by next year.

“New York is leading the resilience by prioritizing community-led projects developed from the grassroots restoration process,” said Eileenme, Deputy Secretary-General for Community Reconstruction and Infrastructure at the Government-General of Storm Recovery. Us says. “We are pleased to partner with Nassau County to make a state investment in infrastructure that improves drainage and water quality throughout the South Shore.”

Other projects to begin this month to complete by 2022 include:

-Lawrence Pipe Improvements: Install check valves and increase pipe diameters along Meadow Lane, Marbridge Road, Causeway Road, North Road and Barrett Road to repair floods at intersections. An additional drain will be built along the back of Harrison Street on the Lawrence Golf Course. Estimated cost: $ 9.18 million.

-Improved Bay Park / East Rockaway drainage channel: Rebuilding Lawson Avenue drainage system, including numerous roads between Davis and Lawson and three separate systems off Lawson Avenue, Adams Street, and North Boulevard. .. Improvements include increased pipe size, installation of additional drainage structures, and new in-line check valves to prevent additional tidal charges. Estimated cost: $ 6.08 million.

–Cedarhurst Pumping Station: Construction of a new rainwater pumping station, installation of tidal check valves, and rainwater drainage pipes to and from the pumping station. A new emergency generator will also be provided to operate the pumping station in the event of a power outage. The station is designed to protect part of Peninsula Boulevard, the main artery and major emergency evacuation route for the entire Five Town community, from flooding. Estimated cost: $ 2.15 million.

–Lido Beach / Point Lookout Drainage Improvements: Reduce tide floods and increase cost resilience by installing in-line check valves associated with 5 rainwater drains. A new drainage structure along Lido Boulevard will be constructed to collect and dispose of excess runoff along the curb line. Estimated cost: $ 1.23 million.

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“In the light of climate change and storms, large investments in resilience measures are key to the long-term survival of our community,” said Senator Todd Kaminsky. “These projects total more than $ 20 million and are groundbreaking solutions to protect the islands we love for future generations.”

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The $ 20 million construction project aims to protect Nassau County from floods and storm surges.

Source link The $ 20 million construction project aims to protect Nassau County from floods and storm surges.

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