That’s why RadioShack is tweeting wild and profane posts

RadioShack isn’t dead yet.

Bankrupt electronic device retailers Trends back on Twitter For chasing other companies and using blasphemous language and drug references According to CNN..

With one exchange, users @ChrisWooleyAC Question: “Hey @RadioShack, what is y’all’s return policy? I got a remote control car for Christmas in 2003, but it no longer works. I need a refund.”

The former chain replied, Pay attention to Newsweek“Did you get a receipt? Let’s head to Antarctica [sic] * Potential * Refund location. “

Many users wondered who was behind the confirmed account and why it reappeared.

Initially, after filing for bankruptcy in 2015 and 2017, the company is now a crypto platform and tweets are just for promotion. In 2014, There were 5,200 stores in the chain According to CNN, it has 27,500 employees.

An example of a new RadioShack tweet.

The cipher is called RadioShackSwap and the token is called $ RADIO and it’s not very valuable According to the crypto market..

The website claims to be “a 100-year-old brand that has been incorporated into global awareness” because it “leads the way in blockchain technology.”

However, participants should be aware that 2022 has been cut in half and the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been cut in half this year.

“The person behind the tweet[W]Other expensive [as f – – k] [right now]”Like an intern based on a post from Wednesday night.

“I’m shacking the intern here. I wanted to take some time to look back at my post. [I know you’re] In my wildest dream, hoping to say, I didn’t expect the tweet to be viral and apologize.But I did [I know] That s – – t was af of fire. No, we weren’t hacked, and I wasn’t fired. Tighten b – – –h. “

Anyway, not everyone understands that one commenter warned that it was a “cryptocurrency scam.”

Some people are still enjoying the shared jokes, like one commenter who said, “Anyone who gave a drug to a RadioShack Twitter account rep … please, don’t stop.”

That’s why RadioShack is tweeting wild and profane posts

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