Thanksgiving Prediction: Wetness in Most Countries Except Southwest

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, traditional holiday celebrations and family gatherings will look a little different nationwide this year. But one aspect of the holiday remains unaffected, which is what Mother Nature decides to throw at us.

Some Americans may hold outdoor rallies, meals, activities, and celebrate Thanksgiving in new ways to maximize social distance. This can also lead to increased exposure to the often non-ideal November weather.

Given the ongoing situation and ongoing concerns about the further spread of the virus, this year’s vacation trips are expected to be much less than usual. AAA estimates that the number of travelers will decrease this year compared to 2019. This may reduce the concern of weather-related travel as Americans choose to stay home to celebrate.

“Health and government officials emphasize that staying at home is the best way to protect yourself and others from illness, so AAA predicts a reduction of at least 10% in travel. Masu-the biggest one-year decline since the 2008 catastrophe, “said the agency’s annual vacation travel forecast.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidelines for upcoming Thanksgiving holidays, encouraging people to virtually celebrate with family members outside the family. .. Authorities also noted that the guidance is intended to supplement, rather than replace, the health and safety laws, assembly rules and regulations of states, provinces, territories, or tribes.

That said, let’s take a look at the coast-to-coast outlook on Turkey Day.

Air mass clashes to moisten the East Coast:

A storm system that will trek across the country in the days leading up to Thanksgiving can hinder outdoor planning for residents living above and below the east coast of the United States. Similarly, on Thanksgiving Day, residents from Portland, Maine to Daytona Beach, Florida need to be prepared for rain during the day.

“A storm system passing through the East Coast on Thanksgiving Day could drive some people indoors who might not have wanted to. Everywhere in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, etc. It can be dampened by rain, but as the storm progresses faster, it begins to dry later in the afternoon, “explained AccuWeather meteorologist Lenny Duff.

Thanksgiving celebrations are very different in New York City this year. At the Macy’s Day Parade, the original plans need to be adjusted to minimize congestion and keep all participants at an appropriate social distance. This event usually attracts over a million spectators to the streets of the city, but this year it’s completely different. In addition to the adjustments made by the parade coordinator, it looks like rain on Thursday morning, so Mother Nature may try to help keep the spectators home.

The Big Apple forecast looks wet, but temperatures are expected to be a few degrees above average and in the mid-1950s. This is far from just two years ago, when temperatures did not reach 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Similar scenarios are expected on Thursday in many other cities from the New England coast to the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Dryness throughout the South:

Forecasts will be issued on roller coasters throughout the South this year. Showers and thunderstorms target the area before a big vacation. Heavy thunderstorms and flood threats struck parts of South Tuesday and Tuesday nights, but the weather should recover very well in many areas as the storm slides east for Thanksgiving.

After the storm system has left, areas with high pressures promote dry, calm weather in Dallas, Memphis, New Orleans, Atlanta, and many other metropolitan areas in the south. Outdoor plans will get a green light from Mother Nature, as afternoon temperatures rise in many areas in the 1960s and 1970s.

The aforementioned storm system could still maintain some protracted showers throughout the southeastern part of Thanksgiving, which could hinder outdoor planning. In most of Florida, temperatures rise in the late 1980s, which could be one area where rainy weather seeks to stay longer on turkey days. During the day on Thursday, showers and several thunderstorms can be confined to the northern half of Florida, and places like Miami and Key West are comfortable, calm and sunny.

Quiet conditions for graceful Midwest and plains:

The same storm system, which brings heavy and thunderstorms throughout the South on Wednesday, brings harsh weather to the Midwest before vacations. But in a similar way, Thanksgiving moves adverse conditions to the east, allowing dry, seasonally mild conditions to embrace the region.

Locations such as Chicago, St. Louis and Minneapolis on Thursday are expected to have temperatures 5-10 degrees above average. And in addition to the pleasant temperatures of late November, the blend of clouds and sunshine, and the relatively light southwesterly breeze, you can do some outdoor planning without delay.

A storm pattern that eases across the northwest:

Most of the week leading up to Thanksgiving is rainy and snowy in the northwest, but it seems like a little rest in the rain in time for the holidays.

“The highlands of the northwest are expected to be a bit cold with some snow, but areas near the coast, such as Seattle, Oregon and Portland, should be mostly dry,” Duff added.

Thursday is expected to be largely dry, but due to the pattern of severe pre-vacation storms, the problem of traveling across the pass roads in Washington, Oregon, northern Idaho, western Montana, and northwestern Wyoming It may continue.

Dry and refreshing throughout the southwest:

In places like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, dry weather patterns can stay throughout the southwest during holidays. Sufficient sunlight and seasonal temperatures should also allow outdoor activities to take place smoothly.

Long-sleeved shirts are a better choice than T-shirts and shorts in many areas, as temperatures drop from highs at the beginning of the week in many places as cool air filters south as the week progresses. There is a possibility of becoming. Still, temperatures throughout the Los Angeles basin from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s in southern Arizona will bring some of the best weather in the country.

“In Southern California, gusts begin to intensify on Thanksgiving Day, raising wildfire concerns, so anyone planning to use outdoor flames or turkey flyers should be careful,” Duff said. I will explain. Gusts begin to intensify during the day on Thursday, but even higher fire threats are expected in the days following Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Prediction: Wetness in Most Countries Except Southwest

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