Tensions burn in the closure of NYC school

With various press conferences, various calculations to track the coronavirus, and rising COVID-19 rates, various messages about whether the city’s public schools are closed for face-to-face learning.

What you need to know

  • New York’s moving average is 2.5% according to state data, but exactly 3% according to city data.
  • Cuomo suddenly held himself when De Blasio delayed the press conference for hours.
  • According to Cuomo, the state has rejected local governments, but closing schools at a threshold of 3% is a city privilege.
  • De Blasio says he and Cuomo had a productive discussion and will work on a reopening plan

“When the state figures reach 3%, the school will be closed,” said Governor Cuomo. “What’s happening here isn’t what the law says for more than a month.”

However, according to the state, the city’s 7-day positive rate is 2.5%. According to the city, the percentage is “exactly 3.0%, and as a result, schools will need to be closed for the next few days,” Mayor De Blasio said.

Wednesday was another day of a six-year story about the complex relationship between Cuomo and De Blasio.

And even when De Blasio claimed that he and Cuomo were on the same page-he explained “a very good, very productive conversation” -they said their actions were not.

At 10 am, De Blasio had no show at his regular press conference.

The updated city number for COVID-19 has not been announced, and parents, teachers and the media have been waiting as rumors of the school decision spread.

At 1:30 pm, after a sudden notice, Cuomo held his own press conference.

He was hostile when asked about the closure of a city school.

When the reporter claimed that “parents are still confused,” Cuomo asserted that “they are not confused. You are confused.”

Cuomo does not mention phone calls or discussions with De Blasio.

At 3:00 pm, De Blasio finally held a press conference.

He repeatedly said he was late as he and the city adviser were checking the data informing them of their big decision.

“I also wanted to have a thorough conversation with the state, including a conversation with the governor. That’s what happens soon, what it means to get back to school, and how. It was about getting a school. Please come back soon. “

However, after that, at 3:30 pm, the governor conducted a radio interview while the mayor was making an announcement.

Cuomo said state law takes precedence over local methods, but told WAMC Radio: “Mayor De Blasio set 3%. He reached 3% today. He closed the school at 3%. It’s entirely within his privileges.”

The mayor emphasized on his side that he was complementary to the governor and was working together to establish the final reopening threshold for the school.

“Looking at the entire history of the coronavirus and the country as a whole, New York City and New York State are one of the most cautious, data-driven, science-driven jurisdictions across the country,” said De Blasio.

Tensions burn in the closure of NYC school

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