Teacher fired after “shooting” anti-vaxxers call

A Pennsylvania teacher lost his job after suggesting on Facebook that Americans who refused to be vaccinated with COVID-19 for religious reasons should be shot.

The General McLean School District in Erie County confirmed on Monday that Molly Pey Jimmau did not teach at McLean High School or was not allowed in the school district’s building. The guns they profess to love so much begin to shoot all the members who think this way. “

“Teachers responsible for social media posts will not return to the General McClain School District in any position,” the school district said in a statement shared with The Washington Times. “We repeat the degree to which the figurative and literal comments in her post were unacceptable and inappropriate. We focus on what is best for current and future students. continue.”

Mumau also disappeared from the website of the National Education Association, where she was on the board.

The country’s largest teachers union did not respond to a request for comment on her removal from what its website calls the “best decision-making body” on Monday.

In his Facebook profile, Mumau describes himself as “an educator, wife, union advocate, semi-professional wine drinker, LGBTQ ally, and” Team Pfizer. “

In her Facebook post, she also shot dead people “hidden behind religious exemptions” on vaccination obligations, “faster and final than endangering me and my friends and family. It would be safe for me. “

“He and his likes deserve anything that comes their way, including losing work, getting sick, and perhaps dying from this virus,” Mumau wrote, referring to a particular individual. rice field.

As the screenshots of her Facebook post spread on social media, the comments caused anger from advocates of some parental rights and religious freedom.

“This is a member of the board of the largest teachers’ union in the United States,” said Corey A. De Angelis, director of national research for the American Children’s Federation of Public School Choices, in a December 6 retweet on a Facebook post. increase.

The New York-based Catholic Federation for Religion and Civil Rights has emailed NEA President Rebecca S. Pringle asking him to “end Mumau’s membership on the NEA board.” Stated.

“It’s not surprising that she won’t be able to join the NEA board if she’s no longer employed in the school district. She’s not in education,” said Bill Donowe, president of the Catholic League. ..

“This is a great victory,” he added.

The McLean School District said in a statement on December 8 that it would take “appropriate action” despite not being legally responsible for Mumau’s postings on social media.

“The opinions recently expressed by teachers on social media do not represent the opinions of the district, nor do they tolerate that type of language figuratively or literally under any circumstances,” the district said.

In another statement that day, the General McLean Board of Education said in dismissing Mr. Mumau that he “fully supports GMSD management.”

“The Board is confident that the government has conducted a thorough and complete investigation of teachers responsible for social media posts,” the statement said. “The Board agrees that the comments in her post, figuratively and literally, were unacceptable and inappropriate. We focus on what is best for current and future students. I will continue to match. “

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Teacher fired after “shooting” anti-vaxxers call

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