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Tamani Turner, 18, third teen to be killed at Mount Vernon in 2023

Mount Vernon, New York — There have been three murders so far. mount vernon this year. The victims were teenagers each time.

Communities are responding to deadly violence following the shooting of an 18-year-old boy less than a month after the murder of a 14-year-old boy.

Mayor Sean Patterson-Howard said: “It’s devastating to see a mother or father lose a child and see blood on the street.”

The mayor said 18-year-old Tamani Turner was fatally shot just yards from where he and his family lived.

The incident occurred early Thursday afternoon near Garden Avenue and East Fourth Avenue. This area is a generally quiet part of the city with well-kept housing.

“Of course I’m scared. I’m scared because I have children. It’s a nice neighborhood, but we’re all devastated,” said resident Natalia Troller.

The murder of a teenager in Mount Vernon is the third this year.

19-year-old Sergei Tonkovid was stabbed to death on February 11. 14-year-old Zaire Fernandez was shot dead on his March 9th. Turner died after being shot twice in his torso.

“Communities need to be strengthened. Police, mayors, everyone needs to be strengthened because this is horrible,” Tawler said.

“Access to guns is one of the biggest issues we have. Mental health is a challenge. Some of the cultures and things that young people are involved in are challenges,” said Patterson Howard. rice field.

The mayor said the city will continue to look for ways to reduce violence.

Police said Friday that Akeem Grant, 33, of Mount Vernon, was arrested in connection with Turner’s murder. Tamani Turner, 18, third teen to be killed at Mount Vernon in 2023

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