Take a look at your child’s pandemic concerns with Santa’s email bag

Libourne, France (AP)-Jim from Taiwan put a face mask in the greeting card he sent to Santa and marked it as “I (heart) u”. In a Santa letter written with the help of an adult, five-year-old Alina asked to use the front door when stopping by. The back door is reserved for grandma and grandpa to minimize the risk of contamination.

And spilling her heavy little heart on “Dear Father’s Christmas,” Laura, 10, wrote, “I hope my aunt will never get cancer and the virus is no longer present.” ..

“My mother is a caregiver and sometimes I’m scared of her,” Laura explained, signing a handwritten letter, “Take care of Santa Claus and the elves.”

The emotional sacrifice caused by the pandemic is jumping from the flood page of the “Dear Santa” letter now flowing to the post office in southwestern France, which sorts and responds to his emails from around the world.

When tens of thousands of people arrive, letters, notes, cards (some mere graffiti, other elaborate love works with colored pens) are young writers and adult Santas seeking rest and happiness. The window is shown to the gentle hearts of the fans. At the end of the year of illness and turmoil.

Like this letter from the young Zoe, we limited our requests to music players and amusement park tickets because “this year was so different from others thanks to COVID-19”.

“That’s why we don’t ask you much to avoid infection,” Zoe wrote, signing off with “Mercy!”. And the heart.

Theoretically, and often in practice, letters addressed to “Perenoel” (French for Santa Claus) and placed in mailboxes around the world are the sorting offices in the Bordeaux region of France that handle his mail. May reach. His Workers’ Secretariat, who has been struggling to disappear among the vineyards since 1962 (calling themselves “elf”), decorated with hearts, stickers and colors in November and December. He sliced ​​the opened envelope and spread Santa’s magic on his behalf.

The first letter, which began on November 12th at the Secretariat, quickly revealed how the pandemic weighed on children, says Chief Elf Jamila Hajj. In addition to the usual plea for toys and gadgets, there were also requests for vaccines, grandparents’ visits, and restoration of life. Hajji says that one in three letters somehow mentions a pandemic.

“Children are much more affected by COVID than we think. They are very worried. And, with the exception of gifts, what they want most is a vaccine. Is to be able to live a normal life, which is the end of COVID, “she says.

“The letter to Santa Claus is a kind of liberation for them. Throughout the year, they were blocked, deprived of school, deprived of grandpa and grandma. Their parents have been plagued by health crises and the like. Of course, we can see that the children are expressing everything they felt during this time. ”

“We are like elf therapists,” she adds.

Replying to 12,000 letters per day, a team of 60 elves secures people to move and catch their eyes. Lola’s is one of the highlights of Santa’s heartfelt confession, “I need more magic this year and believe in you.” Elves say it’s their feeling that they’re confessing their concerns that their children may not share with their parents.

Emma Baron, a psychiatrist specializing in mental health for children and adolescents at Robert Debre Children’s Hospital in Paris, says groundbreaking dates, including birthdays and holidays like Christmas, provide a childhood structure. .. Among the pandemic uncertainties, the Christmas December 25th anchor is especially important for children this year.

“It’s very amazing that children can adapt to many things,” says Baron. “But rhythms and rituals are an integral part of a child’s mental stability.”

It’s also clear that this is beyond childhood as the letters flood. Santa also provides beacons to adults and is the first to write to Santa since childhood.

Some sought a “pandemic of love.” 77-year-old woman has lived in the “blockade is not interesting! One person.” Grandparents does not meet this year for the “health state to Santa, Please say” Hello “to the two grandchildren” and asked I did.

“Your mission this year will be difficult,” writes another adult supplier, Anne-Marie. “We need to scatter stars around the world to calm everyone and revive their childhood souls so that we can dream and finally let go.”

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Take a look at your child’s pandemic concerns with Santa’s email bag

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