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Supermarket chain apologizes for post-repulsion “super spread” ads

A major U.S. supermarket chain apologizes for “bad word” ads that encourage people to host rallies, even though experts have warned that Thanksgiving meals will turn into superspreading events. did.

Giant Foods ads are played based on these superspreader concerns, and glossy magazine ads show seasonal food platters next to the tagline. Plan a super spread. “

This ad was featured in the chain’s in-house magazine, along with images of fruit and cheese selections, fruit tarts, and shrimp platters.

It was accused of being insensitive to the suffering caused by the pandemic, which infected more than 11.3 million Americans and killed nearly 250,000, and received immediate online backlash.

In response to criticism, Giant Foods immediately apologized for the ad “using the word superspread to describe abundant food.”

“Looking back, the choice of language was poor, but the giants had no insensitive intent. We practice safe social distance practices to celebrate holidays along the CDC. Continues to encourage people to do [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] Recommendations ” Washingtonian magazine.

The CDC has released detailed suggestions for delaying the spread of the infection during the holiday season. Primarily at Thanksgiving, in cases of coronavirus, “the Covid-19 epidemic is worsening” and “small household gatherings are an important factor in the increase.” This includes suggestions for moving to virtual celebrations, limiting the number of guests, outdoor gatherings compared to indoors, wearing masks, social distance, and frequent hand washing.

A grocery chain operating 164 supermarkets in Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia said that 2020 was “very difficult for so many reasons and how to celebrate this holiday. “Food is still a source of joy and comfort, and advertising reflects that spirit,” he said.

The administration, led by both New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, has already announced controls to control the spread of the virus during Thanksgiving.

Supermarket chain apologizes for post-repulsion “super spread” ads

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