Stopping the border wall will waste “billions of dollars”: DHS

Stopping the construction of the border wall, which is Biden’s top priority, wastes the “billions of dollars” of money already in contracts to build hundreds of miles of walls, Said on Monday.

Mark Morgan, acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, said the contract had a cancellation clause, and the government would pay out cash without any indication of it.

He also has hundreds of thousands of tonnes of steel procured and will need to be stored or dumped if construction is discontinued, and CBP will, in some ways, pay for repairs such as refilling already dug trenches. He said he might have to pay. A wall stop will occur.

Many of the contracts have crossed barriers, so the next administration should also be careful about how to unravel the barriers. This includes highways and other technologies that have been agreed upon by all parties in the past.

“People need to know that this is the reality,” Morgan told reporters, detailing the latest border numbers.

He said a barrier of about 430 miles would be built under President Trump, reaching 450 miles by the end of this year.

He said the administration has already identified nearly 300 miles of funding and it is these projects that are at stake in the transition to a new team.

Estimated president-elect Joseph R. Biden, who voted to fencing the entire 700 miles of the border with two-tier fencing in 2006, says he wants to stop building Mr. Trump’s wall.

However, it can be difficult to reach that goal.

For one thing, the Immigration Rights Group has filed a lawsuit over the sources of funding Mr. Trump used to pursue construction. If they win, some groups said they would ask the court to order the government to demolish the walls that had already been built.

It could put Mr Biden in a position to defend Trump’s wall or break down the barrier that border guards are working to shape the flow of migration and drugs.

Morgan said he would like to talk to the Biden team on this issue, but it’s up to them to contact him because of how the transition is organized. He said they didn’t.

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Stopping the border wall will waste “billions of dollars”: DHS

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