Steve Sisorak tightens coronavirus restrictions on casinos and restaurants in Nevada

Carson City, Nevada — Governor Steve Sisolak announced on Sunday plans to tighten restrictions on private gatherings such as casinos, restaurants and Thanksgiving dinners to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The new regulation, which will come into effect on Tuesday, will occur in an unprecedented surge that broke state records in terms of case counts, deaths and infection rates during November.

The virus surged across the United States, urging the governor to issue patchwork of region-specific restrictions. California has curfew in most of its counties, and at the beginning of Sunday, Los Angeles County only allowed outdoor dining.

This trend led to an “unavoidable conclusion,” said Sisorak, who avoided tightening obligations throughout the fall as it could hurt Nevada’s tourism-based economy.

“We are on a rapid track that can overwhelm our healthcare system, frontline healthcare professionals, and access to your healthcare, so it’s time to act,” COVID recently said. Said Sisorak, who was infected with -19.

The new limits will ease the capacity limits for high-risk areas such as restaurants, bars, gyms, places of worship and casinos.

They also apply to public and private meetings, in which case investigators have identified them as the main source of spread in Nevada. This includes Thanksgiving. This is the case when home celebrations are limited from 2 households to 10 people.

Despite the restrictions, Sisorak said he was not going to be a “mask police”.

Most companies have been operating at 50% since the summer, and new limits have reduced capacity limits to 25% or 50 people, whichever is less.

This means that a large venue that normally accommodates thousands can only accommodate 50 people, while a small restaurant or bar that normally accommodates less than 200 people can only accommodate 25% of the total capacity.

Sisorak sought not to set limits for any kind of shutdown, instead calling them “state-wide suspensions.”

During the suspension, Nevada has also strengthened its obligations on masks, and everyone who attends the gym and those who attend private gatherings should wear a mask whenever they are not eating.

Mr. Sisorak said the new restrictions would be tentatively valid for three weeks, at which point he would evaluate whether they would be tightened or relaxed. Without improvement, Nevada could close restaurants to eat indoors, close gyms, and even limit meetings, he said.

Health officials reported 2,155 confirmed cases on Sunday, and the state-wide total has increased to 133,888 cases since the outbreak of the pandemic. They also reported 6 additional deaths, bringing the known death toll to 2,017.

In Nevada, 10% of all confirmed coronavirus cases have been reported in the last 7 days, and hospitals are filled to the point where one of Reno has an additional bed in an adjacent car park. ..

Mr. Sisorak said all the decisions made before him had a potential negative impact on the economy, the viral trajectory, and the school. And the great reliance on Nevada’s tourism and hospitality industry only exacerbated the difficulties, he said.

“To be honest, our casinos, hotels, restaurants and bars operate with strict restrictions to protect the economy,” he said.

With the imminent vaccine, Nevada hopes the state can curb the surge and avoid further closures, Sisorak said.

“There is light at the end of this tunnel and we are approaching, but we don’t have the vaccine yet,” he said.

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Steve Sisorak tightens coronavirus restrictions on casinos and restaurants in Nevada

Source link Steve Sisorak tightens coronavirus restrictions on casinos and restaurants in Nevada

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