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‘Steel Dossier’ Company’s Fusion GPS Tied to Fake Rape Report

A federal judge last week ruled that Fusion GPS, the opposition investigative firm that compiled the now discredited “Steel Dossier” that claimed that Donald Trump colluded with Russia, has filed a false rape accusation against a billionaire investor. found to have played a role in disseminating the police report of

Shervin Pishevar – a rich investor in Uber, Airbnb, Slack, Postmates – For the past five years, Fusion GPS has been the company behind a fake police report alleging he raped a woman in a London hotel in May 2017. I have argued that there is.

The fake police report was signed by a police officer who never existed and passed to Fast Company reporters, who published the article later that year.

The ultimate provenance of the report remains unknown, but a U.S. judge ordered Pishevar to file a subpoena against Fusion GPS, potentially compelling Fusion GPS to produce evidence as to the source of the false report. there is.

Shervin Pishevar has invested in technology companies such as Uber, Postmates and Robinhood.
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District of Columbia Judge Robin Merriweather said in a Feb. 17 ruling, “So far, Mr. Pichevar’s investigation has determined that Mr. Ballam has received a false police report from the D.C.-based research firm Fusion GPS. It has become clear that we have received the information of

As part of the judgment, the judge will issue a subpoena to Fusion GPS within the next 14 days demanding the identification of the person who produced the fraudulent report and the person who paid for the production of the report. I’m here.

A representative for Pishevar declined to comment.

Fusion GPS did not respond to a request for comment. ‘Steel Dossier’ Company’s Fusion GPS Tied to Fake Rape Report

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